Alphabet learning activities for preschool age

My daughter and her kids come over on the weekends and, since I am a former preschool teacher and can’t help myself, i started putting out activities around a specific letter.  The day I took this photo was letter Ff day.  He made up this activity himself;  scooping Goldfish (we called them ‘Fishy’) crackers with a measuring spoon and transferred them to a cup.  All I did was provide the crackers.  So you see it doesn’t take much planning, time or money to plan a letter activity;  you mostly just have to talk about the letter and sound it makes.   (We will even use the fishy crackers again next weekend when we do the letter Gg and call them Goldfish crackers)


Each day he comes over, I put about 5 -10 activities out for him.  This depends on time, mood and ideas I have for the letter of the day.  You could also do a letter of the week, of course.  I am not his teacher nor his nanny I am his grandma (Grams, as he calls me) so I keep it light and everything is just out and optional.

So here are some more ideas to get you started- For the Letter Aa I just quickly outlined a letter A and had some random A stickers and animal stickers in the art box for him to put on the A, he also wanted to color on it with markers.  I  drew a large apple on a small posterboard and then  i tore the little pieces of red paper for him to glue with a glue stick.  (He called it hot glue and told his mommy to be careful not to burn herself) It was his idea to make a green apple also so i quick drew another and tore green paper.  He probably could have torn the paper himself but its better for him to concentrate on one activity at a time.

img_4987 img_4986I have a library a few blocks away so i pick up books about things that begin with our current letter.  Our library also has an alphabet section that usually has a book about the letter he is learning.  img_2044As you can see I also have an 11 month old granddaughter.  I put a bin out for her that has different items in it each day (just about 5 items)  img_4900

If you are planning to do letter activities with your kids, grandkids, or kids you nanny, keep it simple, do not expect them to play every activity (so don’t have too much time or money into a project just in case)   If they don’t play with it one day, put it out again anyway because they are moody from day to day in what they choose.  Some days they want more art project type activities and sometimes they want more active things to do.  Try to put out a variety- books, paper project, toys that begin with the letter, a big hit with my grandson is a dish tub of oats (it could be anything like beans, rice, sand) that i hid the letter of the day puzzle pieces, magnetic letter, small toys that begin with that letter for him to dig out.  Don’t forget to do large motor skill activities such as basketball on Bb day.  Relax and have fun with it.  Soon you will find yourself noticing G words objects all week on G week or tucking away ideas like “Shaving cream would be fun on Ss week”  I encourage you to keep a list in your phone notes or wherever to remind yourself when its that week!  Oh! and plan a food item too -its a good way to get them to try something new to eat!

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