I tried something new- ish today!  I had been on a snorkel tour in Hawaii many years ago but today I went with my friend Carol on our own to snorkel in the ocean.  We live near LaJolla Shores, a beach known to have leopard sharks but I had never been snorkeling to see them.  My friend had done it lots of times so I was comfortable to go with her.  She had her own equipment but I rented from LaJolla Kayak.  Since I got a waterproof camera for my birthday this year, I took some photos (and accidentally some videos that i thought were taking pictures).   dscn0028The water was about 65 degrees so Im glad I rented a Spring Suit as well.

dscn0040We saw about 20 of these guys today. They were about 4 feet long.   Sometimes 4 or 5 at a time under us.  It was a tiny bit unnerving when there were so many but we just floated above them and they didn’t pay any attention to us.  It was so peaceful floating on the water with the motion of the ocean and breathing with my face in the water like I was one of them.  Then I would lift my head up and a wave would pound salt water into my mouth – but still fun!  It only took me a few minutes to get the hang of breathing through the snorkel and blowing the salt water out of the snorkel and sucking in a little with my nose to tighten the mask to my face.   dscn0034By the time we got out of the water an hour and a half later, my hair was macrame’d  around the mask strap making it difficult to get off.   It was so tangled I thought i was going to have to shave my head.  (Don’t worry, it was nothing a little conditioner couldn’t fix)  I was a little sick from all the salt water I swallowed (or was I just hungry, I couldn’t tell)  dscn0042We are going to go again on Thursday and let other friends in on our adventure.  Next time I will put conditioner in my hair pre snorkel and maybe put it in a ponytail to help with keeping the strap in place on the back of my head.  It kept sliding down.  (I have a question mark shaped back of head)

I challenge you to do something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t yet.  Hint: take a friend along that has done it before.

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