10,000 Steps

img_4978#dailygoal – I strive for 10,000 steps most days.  I don’t always get that many but its pretty easy to get a lot of steps in even if I don’t go for an actual walk.  I use a Fitbit for tracking steps.  Its obsessively on my wrist.  I want credit for every step!

img_4962I will walk anywhere, with pretty much any condition, heat or snow.  There is beauty everywhere and, in my opinion,  theres no better way to enjoy it than on foot.  img_4859 img_4955 img_4687

I like to go with my husband or a friend- 10,000 steps go quickly when Im chatting/listening with someone.  I usually snap a pic to put on Instagram, I’m not sure why I started doing that but I always #todayswalk or #todayswalkingbuddy.  I can look back on my photos that way for a photo journal of some of my walks.                                    img_4983

The walking has helped me lose weight.  Thirty pounds to be exact, of course I watched my calorie count also, also with my Fitbit.   img_4153This is my die hard walking buddy.  I realize she  isn’t walking in this photo but we were on a ferry that was taking us to Coronado for a walk, and I love this picture of her!

Whatever your exercise of choice is, good for you for getting off your butt and moving.  If you don’t move, I challenge you to start tomorrow.  Put on a pair of walking shoes and walk for 20 minutes.  You don’t need special clothes or equipment and it can be done anywhere!   img_4910  Park a few blocks away and walk the rest of the way to work or shopping.  Don’t take the shortest route.  Whatever it takes to interest you, whether Pokemon Go gets you moving or scenery or walking to a friends, walk the mall.  Just do it!

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    1. Cuyamaca State Park. Up towards Julian. When M and I did that hiking class.

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