Hanging on to the Last Bit of Summer

img_5028I can see that summer is coming to an end.  I see the pumpkins and Halloween costumes.  I hear people talking like summer is over when the kids go back to school – but according to my calendar I have a week of summer left!    Its not over after Labor Day either for all you who think it is.  Its not over until the calendar says its over.

If you’ve been reading my blog – you saw I went snorkeling on Sunday.  That had actually been on my ‘things to do’ list for 2 years.  So that was technically checked off my list but I enjoyed it so much I went again today.  Wait, Im getting to that… back up-beep beep (sound of that little tractor thing at Costco backing up)  I worked on Monday and Tuesday – since this is a nanny blog I probably should have blogged about those days- I will, I should, I will!

Wednesday I went for a walk on the Boardwalk at Pacific Beach img_5027It ended up being a long walk and I worked up quite a hunger, as I always do so I stopped at Konos for a burger.  It was delicious!  I usually always get breakfast but it was lunch time, though that usually doesn’t stop me from having breakfast food.  Im glad I went with the burger though!  img_5020 img_5025 When I got done walking I sat at the beach and held on to another hour of enjoying summertime!

Today I had Bible study in the morning, such a good study of Proverbs 2.  (Wisdom comes from God, we just need to ask Him for it)

Now that brings me back to snorkeling adventure #2.  dscn0056 dscn0065I think today was better than Sunday since I was only excited and not nervous.  I get nervous trying something new but today I knew what to expect.  We saw leopard sharks like a few days ago but also I saw a sting ray – I wasn’t fast enough with the camera to get proof.  img_5019

Tomorrow I will do something else summer-y and every day after that until summer is over.  How about you?  Are you ready for summer to be over?  Are you looking forward to Autumn?  I usually get excited for Autumn when I see the pumpkins everywhere but this year I am just thinking ‘stop rushing me’.  I am ready for sweaters and boots though.

Enjoy your last week of summer doing whatever summer means to you!

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