G is for Grandma

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Today we worked with letter Gg.  I set everything up last night.  As you can see, I just set activities around the rooms ready for the kids to choose when they walk in.  The books lined up on the couch since thats where we read and this time I put the painting project on the coffee table (I put a tarp under it but this paint would have washed off the table no problem)  The letter Gg marker paper was on the dining room table.  We have a couple of alphabet puzzles that i set on the floor – I like for him to see where the letter is located in the alphabet.  I wrote a simple Bible verse that had a couple ‘G words” on a scrapbooking paper and taped it on the console table at his eye level.  The stacking boxes have the alphabet on the sides.

img_5056 img_5057Right when he walked in, he knocked over the tower of stacking boxes and wanted to paint the garbage truck picture.  His sister, also grabbed a paint dotter and pretended to paint a goat.  If you are not familiar with the paints, they are called Do*A*Dot*Art.  My sister got them for him last Thanksgiving, and while he didn’t pay them much interest then, he loves them now.  The bottles have a felt circle so you just take off the lid and dab dots!  Its a non messy way to paint – though i like the messy ways too!  (for Cc week, he drove HotWheel cars through paint poured onto a plate and then rolled it across his paper for car track painting.)  img_5062He played with the puzzles for a while.  The thing next to him is a kids metal tray with legs that fold up, tipped over with magnet letters stuck to it.  Brinley played with that more than Brodey did.  (I used all the letters that we have gone over so far on the tray)

We read one of the books and his mom read the rest to him at nap time.  She puts him down for his nap while I rock Brinley to sleep.  It used to be the other way around but we switched it up.  img_5069 img_5067img_5068Grandpa gets his time in too!  And as you can see, Brodey just stayed in his paint shirt the whole time he was here – hey we don’t have to worry about any messes on his clothes!  img_5053 Not everything is letter oriented.  Plus Grandpa gets his time in to do what he wants with him ( Light sabers, race car tracks etc)  Grandpa had gotten a new office chair so we saved the box because it was almost large enough for Brodey to stand up inside of it.  img_5061 img_5059

They both liked it!

img_5072— Two more things.  He had ghost Peeps for a treat and took some home with him.  I know its still summer!  My whole family loves holidays and we haven’t had one since the 4th of July so Grandpa bought some ghost peeps- love when he sticks with the theme- not sure if he did that on purpose.

img_5073Some of the oats are missing out of our dishpan because Brodey scooped them into a bucket and is making a “pie”.  He asked me to leave it “cooking” until tomorrow when he comes back.  As I mentioned in a previous post I have this oat filled dishpan that I use to hide the letter of day and also anything else that might be small enough to bury that begins with the letter.  Today I just did paper letter Gg.  I also put out some excavating tools this time.  He made a giant mess with the pouring and scooping but it was worth it!

That was our wonderful day.  Brinley took a step on her own!

Now Im going to go set up letter Hh for tomorrow.

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  1. Do you have a favorite website where you get all your print out pics for coloring etc like the garbage trucking on this page?

    1. Good question! I should have mentioned where I found that page. The garbage truck coloring page is from first-school.ws (coloring page/ transportation/ land transportation)

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