Hh Day

dscn0075-3dscn0079-2 You are now familiar with my usual letter ideas.  Alway always always books.  Both of the kids like books so I like to be sure at least one is a board book for Brinley so she can hold it and  learn to turn the pages without worry of tearing the pages.  This is just a trip to the library for me where I get both letter themes for Saturday and Sunday.

If you are doing a letter theme, take your  child’s personality and what they like to do into consideration but be sure to expose  them to new things also.  Don’t spend a lot of time/money because they may not care about it but I still like to have new things mixed with familiar favorites.

I knew I had to pull in Halloween as the main Hh word.  Brodey is all about spooky stuff and we all like holidays and decorations etc.  (I personally take the holidays one by one and I’m still holding on to the fact that its technically still summer) but it was fun to have an excuse to rush into Halloween.  I pulled out some dress up costumes and Hats.  img_5083 img_5078I put them in front of a big mirror.  Since they were not in the family room area, they did not play with them much.  Brodey pulled out a hat and put it on for the rest of the day and Brinley pulled them off as fast as i put them on her.  She felt pretty in her little Minnie Mouse costume though.  She liked pulling all the hats out of the basket.

img_5076Remember the box I had yesterday just for fun since we had bought a new chair?  Well, I made it into a Haunted House.

img_5172 img_5171 img_5173We made Hand print Halloween decorations by tracing Brodeys hand and cutting them out, Brodey glued them together to make a spider and a bat, glued google eyes on them and his mom folded the spider legs so it would be more 3D for hanging.  He also wanted to make a pumpkin.

For snack I laid Wheat Thins in the shape of an H on a Halloween plate.  img_5220img_5108 img_5077-1Unrelated to Hh, playdoh was played with, as always,  and also he pulled out his uncooked macaroni that we keep with his cooking toys and played with that for quite a while!  We cut a hole in the top of another container and he dropped the macaroni in the hole.  His imagination went wild, pretending the hole was a blow hole on a killer whale and the macaroni were the fish he was feeding the whale.

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