One on One

I was really feeling like I wanted/needed a Grandma/Brodey day.  I know they are here on the weekends but you know its just different when you have one on one.  So while his daddy played with his little sister Brinley at home (mom got some work done!)  I had the whole day with Brodey.  His first request was the library.  (I did share him a little with my son who met us there for a little while.) After reading a couple of books at the library, we checked out an armful to take home.


I had seen a fun looking activity called Sand Foam on a blog called PagingFunMums! .  After his nap, we made the Sand Foam.  I took a dish pan out to the beach for mixing and playing.  We put the 3 cups of sand in the pan


and added the shaving cream.


We just put some of the shaving cream in and then mixed it.  img_5240

It was really sticky- still fun just not what I was expecting.  He tried to play with his dump truck in it, but it just stuck to the truck.

dscn0098 It might have been because we used a different brand of shaving cream;  we used Targets brand of women shave cream and the PagingFunMums! blog used Gillette.  And it might have been because we used sand from the beach which is salty and sticky.  We added more sand, and more shaving cream and just had fun with the mixing and playing.

dscn0134He brought his skeleton halloween decoration out to play too.

dscn0139Grandpa came out and played for a while too.  (later, on the way home I asked Brodey what his favorite part of the day was…this is what he said, ” When Gramps played with my skeleton with me in the sand”)

 dscn0123He used the shaving cream lid as a mold/scoop.  I love letting him take the activity where he wants it to go and do his own thing. dscn0157There are not many things better than down time at the beach!  dscn0104

Even when he was hungry for dinner, he still stayed out and played for a bit longer.  img_5263Here he is at home with Daddy.  I was worn out, he was still going strong as he told Mommy and Daddy all about his day.  Mommy said, ‘Maybe next time Grams can take Brinley ,and you and I can have a day together”  He said no, he wanted to do exactly the same thing next time!

If it is possible for you to have one on one time with your child or grandchild, i highly recommend doing it.   And if you try this Sand Foam, let me know how it works for you.

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