Letter i and the number 9

I didn’t have too much “I”  inspiration so I thought it would be a good time to add a number activity.  I randomly chose the number 9.  When I taught preschool, I would teach them that the 9 looks like a balloon on a stick.   So I made an actual balloon on a stick.  Turned out this was a bit dangerous since he wanted to run around with it. We ended up taking the stick off, but it was still a good demonstration.


img_5343This is just a number 9 drawn on a piece of cardstock and sectioned it into 9 spaces,  I gave him rocks to put in the sections.

img_5335The best activity of the day was this igloo activity!  It was the first thing he wanted to do when he got here.  Its just a coloring page I printed (http://www.BigActivities.com) ,cut out, and glued onto card stock,  cardboard would have been even better since it gets rather heavy with all the sugar cubes glued onto it. img_5336img_5374He did about this much, ran around a bit, then came back and finished.  img_5385He dipped the sugar cubes into a blob of Elmers glue I had on a small plastic lid.  (Even though I had to keep refilling the blob of of glue, it worked better on  a flat container than a bowl. )

img_5337Grandpa had the idea that their tent could be an igloo!  Mommy got that all set up for them. img_5338img_5370img_5352

img_5372 img_5373I had trouble finding books about things that begin with I so I just checked out  a couple that had I’s in the title.  I asked him to point out the I’s and the i’s.  He found them and then asked me to find letters he saw in the title.  Grandpa read a bit and Mommy read them to him at nap time.

img_5380We had some time outdoors.

img_5344This cute Onsie is just one of the many adorable things my daughter makes and sells on her Etsy site.  She is putting up new items almost daily so beat the holiday rush and go have a look!  http://babylabel.patternbyetsy.com or follow her on Instagram, (baby_label).

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