Letter J

img_5420Brodey has been anxiously awaiting carving a jack-o-lantern ever since he started seeing pumpkins in the stores.  We kept telling him to wait closer to Halloween because once you cut the pumpkin it doesn’t last very long.  But…since we were doing the letter J, it was a perfect excuse to indulge him in some jack-o-lantern making!  My sister suggested using a craft pumpkin from Michaels.  He remembered last year we made eyes with ping pong balls and wanted to do that again.  We had these orange ping pong balls already.  I used a Sharpie marker to draw pupils, which also covered up the Franklin logo on the ball.  I poked a tiny hole in the ping pong ball in order to insert a skewer stick into it and also into the pumpkin.  Then I drew a smile on the front because Brodey wanted a happy face.

img_5418Later, he wanted to put a candle inside so we cut a hole where the mouth was drawn and inserted a battery operated candle so he could play with it.  He kept the piece we cut out so he could open and close it.  img_5395He also had fun filling it with packs of fun fruit.  He took the pumpkin home to decorate his house and to continue playing with it.  img_5387We had a lot of J books from the library but his favorite was “Five Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed”  I had a printed coloring page of 5 monkeys jumping on a bed but he was not interested in that – Brinley gave it try though.

img_5406I used a smaller basket for Brinley this time.  I put shower curtain rings, a wallet, an old zoo membership card, and a starbucks card.  She seemed to like it better with smaller items in a smaller basket.

Brodey told me a story of a ghost and I wrote down all he said (i know this has nothing to with letter J but he is in such a story telling/ imaginative stage that I wanted to capture one of his stories on paper)  I am going to put some sort of a ‘book’ together with his story.  It will also be a great keepsake for him/his  parents!  I will try to update you when that’s complete.

Don’t stay too boxed in with the letter of the day.  Sometimes its just one or two activities.  Keep open to what the child wants to do; what mood he/she is in.  Plan according to the child’s interest and also expose them to new things.

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  1. So did you end up using a boughten pumpkin for Brodeys project? I didn’t know if you could cut into it if it wasn’t a real pumpkin! Love this idea and am going to do it with my grandkids! That would love this!?

    1. Yes, I used a craft pumpkin from Michaels. You can cut them! Let me know how it goes!

      1. I finally got the stuff and time with just colt to do this craft! Colt loves the monster eyes on Brodeys so we went with a monster theme jackolantern! I will send you the pic! Had At on of fun doing this too????

        1. You don’t know how happy I am that you did this activity! Good for you! Im proud of you. Thanks for the pictures. I love them!

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