A Quick and Easy Autumn/Halloween Treat

The boys I nanny had a minimum day at school so that meant two extra hours!  Even though it was still warm, we went for an adventurous hike.  We had never been to the Batiquitos Lagoon before. We are all three always up for a hike!  img_2076

Here are the highlights:

img_5474Although there was a flat trail  with the lagoon on our right, there were also random trails over the hills on our left.  Naturally the nine year old boys want to go over the hills!  I love that they are my excuse to go for the hills…

img_5476…and climb on trees…img_5466

They also found this swing on a hilltop.  img_5457   img_5456There were several of these palm frond rest areas. img_5467We stopped at one for a selfie

img_2074One of the boys said, ‘there’s a lot of flies here.” They were not flies, they were bees!  We looked up and we were directly underneath a bee hive!img_5472Thankfully they were not interested in us and we left unstung.


On to making our giant autumn/Halloween cookie!

This was so easy, these 9-year-old boys did everything except putting it in/out of the oven and slicing.  img_5485

We covered our pizza pan with foil for easy clean up but that’s optional.  Open a roll of cookie dough, we used Pillsbury sugar cookie, and pat it on the pan making it as thin/thick as you like it.  One of the things I tell the boys is, ‘the beauty of cooking is that you get to make it just how you like it.”   So if you like a crispy cookie, make it thin. If you like it dough-y then make it thicker.

img_5486As you can see, it does not have to be perfect.    img_2079They only had to wait 10 WHOLE MINUTES for it to bake, although it seemed like 30 to them!

I told them it had to be completely cooled before they could frost it so they set up fans!  img_5491Three of them!

That made me love them even more!

img_2083We were going for a quick treat so we used frosting in a can but if you have time, I definitely think homemade is better tasting.  A tip for using canned frosting is to beat it first, it makes it lighter and when you are frosting a cake it makes it go a bit farther.  (It always seems like a can of frosting almost covers a whole cake but you have to buy 2 cans just to be sure. ) img_5494

Now the fun part!  img_5497 img_5500 img_5499 img_5498

They agreed to do a pattern which evolved into this …img_5501 img_5502

Now the really, really fun part!  Slicing and eating!  img_5505

I added milk and a banana for a delicious snack!

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