Super Easy Ways to decorate Pumpkins That Will Last The Whole Month of October!

If you are like me, you get started buying your pumpkins way too early. I’m not going to tell you not to do that because I want you to get to choose your pumpkin before they are all picked over and they might as well be sitting at your house than in the store!  (Tip:  Turn the pumpkin over and check out the ‘belly button”.  Push it gently to make sure that button is firm with no mold.)  

Once the fresh  pumpkins are home, and making you happy, I mean they practically look like a ball of sunshine already…but then they are just screaming for a face to be carved on them!  NO – resist that urge!   Do not cut into them yet.  Once you cut, you will have just a few good days left with them.

Here are a few super simple ideas for holding off on cutting into them for now, and you will still  be able to Jack-o-lantern to your heart’s content later.

Paint –

img_5671You can’t go wrong with paint!

The natural orange color doesn’t match most decor, (not that I think you have to match holiday decorations to your home decor but it is more pleasing to the eye if it blends in).  I started with this darker green, which I already had.  It was a little off, so I covered it with a lighter, happier green.  I painted the stem too.

img_5672                                               img_5673

These little condiment cups with lids from Smart and Final are perfect for pouring paint into when working on a project. Pour a little paint in one.  Poured more than you need for one coat?  Doesn’t matter,  just put the lid on while you wait between coats.

I let that dry overnight, then in the morning turned it over to paint a couple of coats on the bottom.  img_5730

This is my finished project for now….  I will cut into it later.


The second and even easier way to decorate a pumpkin that will last the whole month of October is decals. The black stripes are just rows of electrical tape that I already had but there are SO many cute patterned/colored tapes to choose from at many stores.   I liked the black as a contrast to my white polka dots, which are just round stickers from Staples. *



*I keep these stickers and a pen in my spice drawer so its convenient to make a label for any new spice  I buy.  This label fits perfectly on the lid.  That way I can see what all the spices are without picking up each bottle.

I had all of these supplies already.  I just had to buy the pumpkins.  I did some research and the cheapest place I could find was Wal*Mart.  The large pumpkins are only $4.99.

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    1. Thank you so much! Also cheap because I used items I had already. I just had to buy the pumpkins.

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