Letter K, Number Fun and Star Shape

I was really pushing the letter K together with Halloween since Brodey (and the rest of us) are so into pretty much any holiday!               img_6026 I made this kitten jack o lantern  

img_2092               and also carved this star into a pumpkin img_2099                                      and put this lit up letter K inside.  (that I got at Wal*mart for $2.50)  I put that outside the front door so he could look inside and see what letter were doing today.

 img_6048                            Which was super cute!img_6049

He knew it was a letter K right when he saw it so I figured whatever else happened today, he already knew this letter!

 He helped me scatter these numbered papers onto the floor then he hopped like a frog (he’s super into frogs right now) onto the number I called out.

img_6066 img_6065 img_6064 img_6063img_6060  Brinley liked looking at the numbers too.

He practiced cutting paper a bit but he wasn’t into any of the “paperwork” today.  I  printed out a letter K and had  Special K and Kix cereal for him to glue onto the K but he didn’t go for that.  img_6073He did however, have his own idea!  He asked me to cut out a frog (I told you he’s into frogs!)  and then he ‘made it into a toad’ by gluing the special K onto the frogs back and a Kix cereal for the eye.  I love that he has his own ideas and such an imagination!  Since I am Grandma, I do not push him into any activity, its just there if he is interested.  That is one reason I do not put much time or money into any activity, I don’t want to be disappointed if he doesn’t participate in something.  The pumpkins this week did take some time!  Almost an hour per pumpkin but that was just because I knew he would appreciate it and I enjoyed doing it.  The kitten pumpkin is now outside my door for a decoration while it lasts – its already getting moldy inside so it won’t last long now 🙁                                                                       img_6047           Brinley’s discovery basket had a kiwi (to go with our K theme) and broccoli, an apple and a seashell.

We saved some time for going to a nearby pumpkin patch (which had nothing to do with the letter K)  and their momma got some work done in the peace and quiet while we were gone.  img_6097    …..a jump house………                  img_6111 img_6149       a photo opportunity!  img_6172        animals and a maze!      img_6194

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