Letter L

I bought a little strobe light in the halloween section of Wal*Mart last week and my sister had the idea to use it for the “L is for light”.  I cut the top off of a real pumpkin but you could certainly use a craft pumpkin.  Off course, you will have no seeds to roast if you use a fake one (insert sad face)  After scraping the insides, I cut a rectangle the size of the light so it could slip in and out if he wanted to play with the light.  


I could have skipped using the pumpkin at all for this and just let him play with the light and it would have been much easier for getting ready and just as effective!

I had music videos playing  from The Lion Guard in the background while the kids ate their lunch.  

I had copies of leaf coloring pages img_6204Yesterday he wasn’t interested in the ‘paperwork’ so I just printed these and had them on the table but no real plan with them.   It turned out Tiffany colored with him and she cut out her leaves, and we hid them for Brodey to find.  img_2104……This is how excited he was when he found a leaf!

He also colored a ladybug picture with his mom.           img_6228

Tip:  Even if they are not interested in doing something one day, do not exclude that activity on another day.  Sometimes its just their mood.

img_6217                    img_6214

img_6212                                              img_6211

I put out magnetic letters and this metal try – I wish it was a solid tray so the letters would show up better and the tray would be less distracting.  (Maybe I will paint it one of these days, but Brodey loves Paw Patrol so he would probably be sad if I painted over it.)  Some days I only put the letter of the day out and sometimes I put all the letters so he has to find the letter of the day.  Today it was Brinley who was interested in the magnetic letters.   As you can see in the photo, I also hung up a letter L and a Bible verse that had a letter L in it (actually it had a K and an L.  I used it both days)   It is hanging at the kids eye level where they will notice it.

As always, I had a couple of books out that begin with the letter L (his mom read them to him at nap time)

I put the number papers from yesterday out again. They were in numerical order when he got here but we mixed them up and played the game from yesterday-  he leapt on the  numbers as I called them out.  Good for getting some energy out as well!

img_2108 img_2107                           img_2103   We also helped him count out and put candy corn on each number paper.  He didn’t get the concept at first but by the end he seemed to understand that we were putting the amount that equaled the number.   A new concept for him – its so exciting to watch them learn something new!!

If you try any of these ideas, or have any questions, please comment below.  I would love to hear from you!

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