Letter M

I thought today would be all about Mickey and Minnie Mouse since both of my kids are huge fans but besides some Disney toys and books, I didn’t have any great educational ideas for these mice.  I could have made these super easy Oreo Mickey cookies that i made for Brinleys birthday but since we were already using marshmallows and M &M’s today I thought mom would not appreciate cookies too.  img_5573

I put out their Mickey and Minnie blankets..     .img_6406

Brinley slept with hers        img_6425


I got two ideas from http://growinzghandsonkids.com for putting marshmallows on toothpicks to build with them, make shapes and letters;  and also moon sand.

If I did the Marshmallow activity again, I would get large marshmallows so it would grip the toothpicks better.

Spoiler alert – moon sand is not from the moon!  But it was a HUGE hit!  img_6426 img_6427 img_6432

Its just 1 cup of baby oil (I used cooking oil) and 8 cups of flour. img_6434

It makes a great textured ‘sand’.  So far we have saved it for 2 days in an open dish tub and it has stayed the exact same texture.  I used cooking oil so it would be more safe for Brinley if she wanted to play with it, which she did, but after about 8 seconds, she just wanted to dump the whole tub. So Mommy and gramps had to try to distract her inside while Brodey and I played with it on the balcony.  He had so much fun pretending to make snickerdoodle cupcakes using the moon sand, ice cube trays, spoons, cups and 2 plastic easter eggs (which are year round toys at my house)


Thankfully, we put the Minnie blanket under his creations so we could just shake it out and wash it afterwards.

He went right from this activity to the bathtub.  Not that he was that dirty but the flour stuck to his hands and clothes and water play is always fun! He used a spray bottle and sponges to play with in the tub (sounds like a letter S day activity!)

img_6404      We read a couple of letter M titled books, as well as his mom reading the ‘M’ library books to him at nap time.

I put a mask on a pumpkin, as now he looks for a pumpkin to go with our letter.  img_6405

We played our number game again but used M&M’s for counting img_6440 img_6441

Brinley was not able to participate too much today.  I didn’t realize i didn’t have too much she could do.  She had a magic wand, but it didn’t hold her interest too much.


A little more interesting was this rubber manatee, which is really for making tea!  Brodey opened it up and filled his belly with marshmallows after Brinley had some time with it.    


  I felt like we spent much of the day trying to keep her out of his activities and I don’t like it when thats how it goes down. A little bit is expected with a one year old but from now on I will be sure there are more things she can play as well.

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