Letter N

We started our time together by putting Nilla wafers on our number papers that we have been using for the last few weeks.  img_6614          He’s really learning the concept of number value with this activity.  The treats we use for counting get him interested in the game but sometimes it is also a distraction.   img_6615Today it was a distraction because this little cookie bandit was sneaking behind us, eating the Nilla wafers that were already on the number paper.   Brodey was worried she was going to eat them all and there would be none left for him.  We count together while we do play this game, helping him put the correct amount on each number.  It’s all about teaching him one object for each count.  

I hung up a paper with the Bible verse, “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.”  Hebrews 13:6  Brinley played with it and Brodey wanted me to read it to him.  He asked questions about what it meant.  I recommend this for getting them familiar with Bible concepts.  It doesn’t have to be a letter of the day verse.  I am thinking of changing it to one verse he will understand for a couple of days and seeing if he can memorize it.  Also from the Bible, his mom read the story of Noah from his children Bible at nap time.

img_6588          We took his moon sand from yesterday, outside to play.  I hid a couple of nickels in it for him to find while he dug into the sand.


There were noodles (actually rigatoni ) to make a necklace.              

 img_6577      The Noodles were in a Nemo cup…

img_6617       …meanwhile Brinley played with a stuffed Nemo.  

Since he had so much fun yesterday transferring water  with the sponge in the bathtub, I set it up on the balcony with 2 bowls.  He emptied one bowl and filled the other, a couple of times using the sponge (later he added a cup).


We ended the day with a color game.   img_6620  I put out 5 colored papers and asked him the color and told him to find something around the house that was that color. After he found an  objects for each color, he asked me to be the finder. We went back and forth for about 4 rounds.

We didn’t get to all the activities but I like him to set the pace.  I don’t rush him because like I’ve said before, I’m grandma so I don’t want to get too teacher-ish.  If you have several kids you are watching or are doing homeschooling then I’m all for more structure.

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