A Healthy Snack for Picky Kids (and Adults!)

Kids are sometimes finicky eaters but here is a snack (it could certainly be a lunch or breakfast)  that is packed with protein and fiber that your you and your kids will like, because you can customize it how your family eats.  This is so easy it’s not even a recipe but the combo is amazing and can be altered depending on your family’s taste.  


img_6849  Start with a glob of a good quality plain Greek yogurt.   Trust me you want to add your own flavors.

img_6850    Add a good handful of pomegranate seeds.  You could stop there and sometimes I do.  That burst of juice with the tangy cool yogurt is something delicious!

img_6851   Add about a cup of strawberries, sliced.

It’s up to you, but I like to add a sprinkling of brown sugar.  You could add a few chocolate chips.  Whatever will entice your child/grandchild eat it.  No one knows better than you what they like but don’t forget to encourage them to try something new – just a bite.  Then if they don’t like it, ask them what would make it better?  And go from there!  You may just have a little chef with some great ideas.

And now you have a snack that pleases everyone, including you, without making separate snacks for each person.  The yogurt provides probiotic and keeps everyone’s metabolism running!  The pomegranate seeds, which can we just give a hallelujah that they sell them already seeded now in the produce department of most grocery stores!  I remember seeding many pomegranates and its messy work!  The seeds add about 5 grams of fiber.  The strawberries will keep everyone feeling full!  You can’t go wrong with any fruit, so use whatever you have in the fridge.

2 Replies to “A Healthy Snack for Picky Kids (and Adults!)”

  1. SOunds delish since pomegranate seeds are my fav! Would also be yummy with apples, grapes, and granola!

    1. You are the one that had me try the Chobani with pomegranate! I like it better to make myself though and since its so easy, why not?!? Apples and grapes would be delish I will have to try that! I love granola added in also! thanks for reading!!

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