Letter O

Planning the letter O was off to a slow start;  but once I got going the possibilities were too many to execute!  It ended up being a really good day with a lot of hits!

If you have toys/books depicting ostrich or octopus, pull those out.  I did not have those, but we did have an owl!  Brodey used to be into  owls but now he is not, so this had been put away since last Halloween.        

img_6902 img_6901 img_6946

It plays a song when you squeeze his foot so Brinley loved it!  (we have the song stuck in our heads for the rest of the week!)

img_6893   I added an owl pumpkin.  I just painted this with acrylic paints.

img_6953                                    img_6908                                      img_6907                                                                           img_6906  I found an orange pumpkin bead kit at Michael’s.  We talked about that the beads look like an O.  He liked doing this with his mom.  Brodey also pointed out to me that the beads also look like a zero, and zero equals nothing.

img_6939                                  img_6909

At the end of the day, he took it home for a cute Halloween decoration.


Some days he loves to cut with his scissors but not today!  He did exactly one snip and was done.

img_6913    Snack was a Greek yogurt cup with Oreos crushed for’ dirt’ and a pumpkin candy.  A gummy worm would be great if you are doing this and it’s not Halloween.

img_6954Brinley’s discovery basket had morracas, miscellaneous balls, canastas, drum, and cymbals.  As you can see, I don’t usually follow the letter of the day for her basket, I just go around looking for things that are safe for one year old that I think might be of interest to her.

img_6916 img_6924

We all went outside and made O’s in the sand, then stayed out and played for a while.                                                img_6935                                img_6976                                    img_6981

Little Miss Brinley loved putting her feet into the ice-cold ocean!  Since she is walking like a pro now, she wanted down the whole time, so we took turns following her around.  A mother and son were playing catch with a tennis ball nearby and she kept going over to them and wanted to play.  We had also brought a ball down and tried to make it look like as much fun but she wanted nothing to do with our ball, only theirs!

Before I had my own kids, I worked at a preschool for handicap children where we would make this cornstarch/water mixture.          img_6933      It’s such a unique texture that changes when you touch it.  Come to find out on http://growinghandsonkids.com that it has a name– oobleck.  So we made it for the letter O this day.


Even if you care for older children, you should try this because it’s also a bit of a science experiment and even adults like to mess with it and feel the texture change.  Just pour cornstarch into a bowl or container large enough to get your hands in.  I used a whole container of cornstarch but whatever you have – then add water a bit at a time until it’s mostly solid but ‘melts’ when you put your hands into it.  It will be approximately a 1:2 ratio (1/2 c water for every 1 cup of cornstarch)  You can add food coloring to the water before you mix it in, I did not.

img_6973  That was our letter O day.  Let me know if you try any of the ideas or have requests for a topic.  I will do a post for you!

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