What To Do with That Trick or Treat Candy?!?

Now that Halloween is over, you might have leftover trick or treat candy and your kids have barrels of it sitting around.  Sure you will munch some of it straight up from the wrapper but here’s a way to use a few pieces and make it a little healthier.  Who doesn’t like a caramel apple but they are a chore to eat.  So make them destructed for eating with ease.

You can slice one apple or make a whole platter.  I used Granny Smith because I like the tart with the sweet.  Choose some caramel squares (or use caramel ice cream topping) , if you are not sure of the meltability of a candy, put one piece in a pan or microwave and experiment, on low heat.  Add a tiny bit of water at time if it doesn’t drizzle

Next, you need a plain Hershey or other chocolate.  I had white chocolate and it didn’t melt very smooth so I put a scoop in the center for dipping.  Now find one or two that you can crumble or chop (Kit Kat, Reese’s, etc)  crumble them on top.

The beauty of making these yourself is that you can add as much or as little as you like.  I like mostly apple and less topping so this is mine…

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