Letter Q

Maybe you think you are too tired when the grandkids or other kids in your care come over and you couldn’t possibly plan activities, you don’t want extra work with planning;  I urge you to try planning 3-5 things for them to do.  Choose some ideas that are easy for you;  you have the supplies, they look fun to you, and take a few minutes before the kids arrive to set up.  In my opinion, that half hour or less it takes to set up some projects ahead of time, will save you energy while the kids are there.  Try it for yourself and see if you it doesn’t actually make your day go easier and you end up less tired.

Heres what happened for the letter Q:  img_2283I had painting with Qtips set up before they arrived.   All this entails is putting a piece of card stock (or construction paper) some kid friendly paints and some Q tips.  that’s just a few minutes to set on the table!

img_2286 I had some books that I had gotten at the library.  Sure, that takes a little time but for me, the library is close and I enjoy going to get books.  Brodey appreciates the books and his mom enjoys having different books to read to him at nap time.  It’s worth it for me.  You may have a good selection of books and can choose some that begin with the letter of the day, or not.  It doesn’t have to go with a letter of the day at all.  Kids actually like reading the same books over and over so don’t feel you have to do this.  On this day I got a letter Q book. A book that said something like Clack, Clack Quackity Quack on the cover.  I also displayed 3 Thanksgiving books and a frog book just because Brodey is into frogs these days.  Also you see an alphabet puzzle, which I put out frequently.  img_2296

If we are on a letter such as Q that is more difficult to come up with very many activities, I add a holiday, or shape or number activity.  Today we went outside to collect some leaves.  We don’t have autumn leaves near us so we just collected green leaves.  Not many leaves were actually collected but lots of leaves looked at.  This takes no set up time, just a plan in your mind ahead of time.

I tried to get Brodey to make a quesadilla for lunch and he said he wanted to until it was time to actually make it and then he changed his mind.

The big hit of the day was finding quarters in the popcorn kernel tub from last week. (You could use oats, rice, beans, pasta pretty much any dry good you have) I had tweezers for him to pinch the quarters and take them out of the kernels.  He loved having the tool to make it more difficult.  This takes only 5 minutes to set up.


img_2290 img_2291 img_2295

img_2297  We ended the day by watching the sunset.  No time for setting up, sometimes it’s just having a plan in mind but be open to the mood and personality of the child.

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