letter R

Today was a good day for activities!  Yesterday I hardly had any for the letter Q and besides picking out the quarters with tweezers, which he did for a long time, he hardly spent any time on the other things I planned.  But today he was in project mode.   It helps when Tiffany, his mom, gets excited about doing them.  

I suggested he paint my decorative rocks red and then wash the paint off.  But we ended up going on a rock hunt for  rocks he could keep painted.                                img_2363

img_2365 img_2367
img_2369  This was so much fun and he also painted the paper that was down to protect the table.img_2345 And Brinley enjoyed sorting through the rocks.  Luckily, she doesn’t put everything in her mouth anymore, but since these rocks look like something to eat, we put her right on the table in front of us with them.

 img_2303  I had planned for him to glue rice onto these red Rr’s.  When he saw the rice container, Brodey asked me what was hidden it there, since thats what we do a lot of times.  So I hid the quarters in there from yesterday and he never did glue it on the papers. img_2330   We also put out the popcorn kernel tub from yesterday and he mixed and played with both, measuring, scooping, and layering in these tiny containers. img_2328 img_2332 img_2334 img_2338 img_2340  He wanted to use the tweezers again as well, which is super good practice on fine motor skills and patience – picking up rice with tweezers!

img_2301  This was out if he wanted to play with letters, I was going to ask him to slap, cover, or pick up certain letters with this hand.  I also planned to test him by asking him to give me the letter that says a certain sound but he was not interested in this today.   Brinley liked dumping the letters and playing with them though.  img_2305  This got his attention right away!  He was excited to construct a rainbow.  I had cut out variegated sizes of colored paper to fit together for a rainbow.  img_2308  He had to find the largest arch first…img_2311 and kept it going.  img_2313It was not so easy for him to tell which was the largest one left, I think because of the shape. img_2315  But he could tell if he chose the wrong one.  img_2317 img_2319  Tada!  He was so pleased with how it looked when it was complete! He likes using  a glue stick too!

img_7503  Brinley can actually color now!

img_2347   Her discovery basket had random shaped boxes and tubes as well as some board books.  Suddenly, she is into biting the board books and actually got a couple chunks off before I took them away for now.

img_2361 img_2359 img_2356  She can entertain herself just carrying something around, putting it down, picking it up, handing it to us, and taking it back.

img_2299  There were random R things on the table, rolling pin, rectangle,  (and there was a rooster and a rabbit in the puzzle)  Some letter R’s from puzzles and several books titled with the letter R.  Of course, the rolling pin got used with play dough.  He always gets his play dough in!


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