Sick Day Craft and a Rolled Up Cake

enlight1-8  It’s very rare for me to have one of the boys without the other so this was a special day under an unfortunate circumstance – sick day!  We made the best of a whole day off by making this craft that is easy but needs time for paint to dry etc.  Perfect for resting and recuperating but still getting a project made.  (Thanks to my friend JoLynn who suggested I do this with him on his day home and provided the twigs from her tree)  

enlight1  You start by breaking twigs into pieces the size of your glass votive or candle holder.  Ours were about 2″ tall but it would look super cute in a taller glass candle holder or even a flower vase that has straight up sides.   You don’t want the twigs to be taller than the votive when you light the candle.  Safety first!  Break enough to go all around the glass container and then a few extra in case some are not straight enough when you go to glue it on.  enlight1-2

enlight1-3  We painted ours but you could leave them natural for an even more organic look.  Lay them out on a covered area and spray – this is a good project for older kids to learn how to spray paint because you don’t really get the drip marks if they make a mistake.   He liked being able to spray the paint and I could teach him how to hold the can the best distance away and to move the can in a sweeping motion as he sprayed.

After they dry turn them over and spray again.  enlight1-4  He painted some leaves for our display while we were waiting.  We discovered thick leaves were best and last longer.  Thin leaves curled up as they dried.  enlight1-5       Then we waited a couple of  hours for the twigs to be completely dry.

enlight1-6  We painted them two different colors and left one pile natural.  (sorry I couldn’t get a good photo on the glass table)

enlight1-7  More fun with the glue gun!  Just glue the twigs parallel.  We liked it best with not much space between the twigs, as tight as we could with the twig shape.  enlight1-9  I did all one color on each votive but he put them willy nilly together, which I really liked.  img_7592 enlight1-10  The painted banana leaves from the yard made great ‘tray’ for the candles.

When his brother came home from school, we made this cake that he had chosen several weeks ago to use up some trick or treat candy.  enlight1-21  Isn’t that pretty?  We just made a cake in a cookie bar pan,   img_7583enlight1-14  While it was warm, we rolled it with a clean kitchen towel while we made a filling with peanut butter and cream cheese, then unrolled the cake enlight1-16  (We couldn’t get the texture smooth but it was fine after we rolled it back up)  He added chopped up peanut butter cups but any candy bar would be good.  enlight1-19  We rolled the cake again with the filling inside.

enlight1-17 dusted it with powder sugar. enlight1-18  Slice and eat!  Refrigerate the leftovers wrapped in plastic wrap.




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