Letter S

Sometimes Brodey is in the mood for painting and paperwork and sometimes his brain is more creative and too active to sit still.  Usually, if his mom sits down with him, he will sit and complete papers and even do several at a time.  I never push him and I don’t think it is necessary to do paperwork to learn a letter.  Sometimes children do better with a more active approach.  If you are doing homeschooling or day care with a few kids, then more structure is best.  For me, I am Grandma just making learning fun.  

I Brodey was so excited to make slime on S day!  enlight1-11  It’s so easy and there are a lot of slightly different recipes online if you want to try some.  Basically its equal amounts of glue and water (1/2 c each) add food coloring if you want color.  In a separate bowl dissolve 1 teaspoon of Borax (found in the laundry detergent area of store) into 1 cup of water .  Slowly stir and pour the glue mixture into the Borax water.  The slime with form as you stir, you might need to use your hands.  Mine was too watery so after it formed a ball, I just poured off the extra water that wasn’t incorporated.  You could make this made ahead of time, but Brodey had fun making it with me.  img_7653   We have made this before so I knew he would enjoy it.  You can’t mold it like play doh though because it ‘melts’ back into a blob, so that was less than ideal for him but we all he still liked squishing it.

I put all the printables and messy art on the table and have it all set for him to do or not.  I used to just present one activity at a time but having it all out works best for us and how we do our day.  I used to teach preschool so I set it up as ‘centers’ like I did then.

enlight1-3I printed this squirrel coloring page and made a dot to dot to write ‘s is for squirrel’  I had brown paint near it so he could paint it brown.  He thought it looked like a skunk and wanted  to paint it black.  I said, “skunk begins with he letter S too!”




enlight1-4     So I printed a skunk for him to paint also in case he wanted to have both.

Momma ended up coloring the squirrel and Brodey traced the words I wrote on the page.  (I do not usually do writing projects with him because I feel 3 year olds don’t have the fine motor skills for that yet and it is frustrating for them, but last week I had something for him to trace and he enjoyed it so I felt he might want the challenge)  img_7645





I printed this polka-dotted S paper because he likes to use his Dot A Dot paint to fill in the circles.

enlight1 enlight1-7 enlight1-6 enlight1-5After painting the skunk, he wanted to paint the shapes as well.  I had planned on him coloring them, cutting them out (mostly a grown up, but he likes to use scissors, he always asks, “Do they say ‘junior’ on them?”  Got to be safe!), and maybe even hiding the shapes for him to find.  When he has his own ideas I go with that!  I love when he comes up with his own way to use a craft.

I had random small S toys around, which were also something Brinley could get in on.  (Snake, Snoopy, snail, slinky, skateboard) Use whatever you find around your house.

img_2373 img_2371









enlight1-10 enlight1-9Grandpa got into the spirit of S and bought them a stroller and soft swords! (he mostly stayed in his paint shirt since everything I do with him is messy!)

We also had some S books and Thanksgiving books from the library.

Hope this helps you beat boredom and chaos for a calm, fun day!

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