Letter T

The plan was to make a turtle today, but Brodey had the idea to make a toad.  This is what he ended up making.                 We started with a paper bowl upside down, Brodey painted it green. enlight1  I traced his hands on green paper and cut them out to be the toads hands, along with some white ovals for the eyes.  Brodey drew the eye details.  


We also added a turkey!                      img_7699  The body is his foot print and the feathers are his hands. The turkey legs are his fingers traced on yellow paper.   He drew facial features but they are too light to see in the picture.  I tried to get Brinley’s but that did not happen today.

enlight1-10 enlight1-3 We set up two train sets.  Both of the kids liked these and spent a good chunk of our time today playing with them.  Brodey also liked the sensory bin from weeks past, with popcorn kernels we used for P day and rice from R day.  I added a truck to tie it in with the letter T.


We downloaded an app to play called TallyTots.  img_7695  I recommend this app for toddlers.    Educational for number concepts and motor skills.

enlight1-12  Gramps read them some of the library books, but we saved two of them to be new for nap time.    On the days that mommy works, I read Brodeys nap time stories and lay down with him for a bit,img_7697

….while Gramps entertains Brinley….,enlight1-8 ….and then I get Brinley to sleep, so far it has always worked out that they sleep at the same time.

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