Home for the Holidays!

Merry Christmas my friends!  I am thoroughly enjoying seeing all the Christmas decorations appear everywhere!  So I wanted to invite you into my home for  a little tour.  

Step through the front door!  Welcome!    This is a live wreath and I’ve added a little clothesline to it.  My mom made this clothesline for me.  Its made of felt with lots of little details, sequins, tiny buttons, etc.  Its Santa’s clothesline, complete with boxers and socks!  I adore it! Here’s a close up of the jacket.  How cute is that?!?  She has patience with all the details that really make it special.  She loves making the felt projects! On the inside of the front door, i have an artificial garland with lights and I put a silk poinsettia flower in the corners.  Later I had to take them off because they kept falling and getting in the way of the door closing.

  Help yourself to a cookie and some coffee.  This mug is from my friend Cindy one year, with a note inside that said she would pray for me throughout the year!  If you need a special gift for a friend this year, that is an idea for you!    On the wall inside the entry I have this “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” picture that was a hostess gift from my sister when she came for Thanksgiving last year.  The lower frame is a project I did with 2 friends a few weeks ago.  We all made one to match our home and family.

Step into my family room.  Its small and open to the dining room and kitchen.  It’s usually traditional /contemporary but pretty much anything goes for holiday decorating.  Red and gold don’t really match but those, along with silver and white are the main colors of my Christmas decorations.   It’s hard to get a shot of the whole area so I took several photos.  I hung an ornament from a ribbon on each canister light.  I like decorating the ceiling a bit and when the lights shine on them, they add an extra sparkle.   I used clusters of three smaller ornaments on the dining room lights. Here’s where I had to hang the stockings since I don’t have a fireplace;  I should have taken closeups of the stockings, also lovingly made by my mom ,with lots of details!  This is an end table in the family room;  I stole this idea from my sister who set up a table with kid friendly stuff for her grandson.  So I put books, stuffed reindeer, nativity scene and the tree has a candy dish at the base for my grandkids.  I also put a couple of ornaments and candles that I will maybe move when they are here just so they don’t hurt themselves.  This is much more clutter-y than I like but I do not put away my regular decoration when I put out the Christmas stuff.  I would never normally have so much stuff on the end table!  I also have these things under the tree for the grandkids to play with.  I will have to move this somewhere else when I get the gifts wrapped.  This is in my dining room.  I added some Christmas plates, garland beads, a JOY display, and I even tried to decorate the hermit crabs’ cage with a silk poinsettia.  Here’s some closer photos of this table:  The silver ornament thing is really a tree topper but it doesn’t stay on correctly so I used it as a decoration because i think its whimsical and I like it.
         The above photo is the opposite wall in the dining room.  I simply added a Christmas plate to my picture railing.  Also in the dining room, is this wooden snowman trio handmade by sister-in-law about 20 years ago.    Still in the dining room, is this adorable penguin made with love by a talented friend, Ginger, a couple of years ago.  So cute!!  I painted the candy jar that is behind the penguin about 15 years ago.  The tree–

And a few close-ups of the tree–           I adore this baby Jesus ornament that a friend gave to me lots of years ago.   The little Santa and Snowman were made and given to me this year by my sweet 3-year-old grandson.  They make me smile!                                  

Before we leave this area, I have a little table behind one of the sofas that has another nativity and some photos of Christmases past as well as a sleigh, and a pine cone ornament.                                                                                                                                                                              

Step into the guest bathroom where I have added some large jingle balls and candles.  Same jingle balls on the light fixtures… …and some jingle bells and a bow on the hand towel, also notice the little penguin ornament near the faucet.  The last stop on our tour is the kitchen~ where this is all the space I was willing to give up for decorating.  The ornaments are really salt and pepper shakers.

Thanks for stopping by.

I got a request to do a healthy kids snack blog post so I have been pinning some ideas to my Pinterest board.  Take a look if you want a sneak peek of whats coming up!!!  ( I cant get this to link so if you want to copy and paste this link in the search bar:)    http://<a data-pin-do=”embedBoard” data-pin-board-width=”400″ data-pin-scale-height=”240″ data-pin-scale-width=”80″ href=”https://www.pinterest.com/beachbumbissell/healthy-snacks-for-kids-and-adults/”></a>


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  1. Wow you sure have been busy. you will have to come and help me decorate our house!! I love everything you did. I was going to get rid of all of my old decorations but now I will rethink that. Merry Christmas!!!

    1. You did great decorating your house! Sorry I’m so slow getting to my comments!

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