Letter U

   Our day got off to an unfortunate start with my daughter’s car smoking and shaking and dying in the street!  We went to get her and take her to work in the early morning.  The good news is Brodey got to see the tow truck and also a police car.  The police officer was nice enough to stop and put cones around so no one ran into the back of her car.  

   Right when Brodey and Brinley got to my condo, I had an umbrella set up with letter    blocks under it.  It’s a large golfing umbrella so it was big enough to play under and     awkward to hold, in a fun way!










   We played with an alphabet puzzle…

  And I had drawn a giant U on a piece of poster board taped to the door for coloring and designing!  Grandpa helped Brinley work on that.

He wasn’t interested in the printables today.  However, we did an art project that he LOVED!  and did it over and over again.  I have the paintings hanging on my dining room wall because they turned out so cute!  I took a bunch of photos because he had so many expressions!  Let me tell you how to do this with your child.  You gotta try this!

   First get on the paint shirt.  Even though the painting is contained in a box  (any size box they can hold easily)  he got his hands pretty paint-y.  Put a piece of paper into the bottom of the box,  If the child is able, let them squeeze blobs of paint, there’s no rule on how many colors or how much paint:  that’s the beauty of this project, every time it turns out differently depending on how you squeeze.  Brodey put a bouncy ball on each blob of paint but that isn’t necessary, just his personality.  We used bouncy balls but marbles work too.  We don’t have marbles because Brinley still puts things in her mouth sometimes and marbles look like candy, i think, so we stay away from them for now.

  Put the lid on and shake the box – shake, shake, shake.

  When you open the lid, how it looks is a big surprise!  The first one looked like ocean waves.  
He did this project again…    … and again…        ….and again…      …and again…    … and again…             I urge you to try this!

Brodey is a play dough fanatic so I know he’s going to want to get that out every time he’s here.  Today, for something different, I put the play dough in a basket with pipe cleaners and google eyes.  


At first, he ignored the add ons but after I made something with them, he did too!




  Brodey likes things to be in a line, so of course, he lined up his creations.  I loved his little blue snowman with the top hat and carrot nose!  He does loads of these tiny detailed sculptures and saves them in Ziplock bags.  He doesn’t squish them and put the play dough back in the container to remake something else.  I love seeing kids’ individual personalities!  God is amazing to give each child a different personality.

It was time to take the kiddos home.  They have a gingerbread boy they named Buttons in their yard and since we had gingerbread cookies for their treat, I couldn’t resist taking one more photo!      

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