December Happenings

  Oh my blog!  I’ve missed you so.  I’ve been wanting to get a blog written this whole week but felt overwhelmed;  so much to write about.  I’ve decided to post a blurt of December and if you want any more info on a specific activity just request it in the comments and I will do a post on that with more detail.  

In real-time, the grandkids and I have finished all the letters of the alphabet, but I put the posts on hold during the holidays.  so I will continue that very soon.  I am deciding what to do with the kids now that the alphabet is complete.  Brodey wants to do the alphabet again but I’m thinking about making an alphabet book with him, or starting on numbers.

Here’s the month of December:

  5th annual cookie exchange – Thanks to my friend Jolynn offering to have the cookie exchange at her house this year.  We ate, swapped cookies, and played a couple of games.

I was much more busy this December because my daughter is working outside the home now and I am taking care of the grandkids while she works.  I still got some great hikes in, though I didn’t get as many steps in this month as I usually do.    If you want to follow my hike photos, I always post on Instagram  (beachbumbissell).

  Its been fun to have time to just relax with my grandkids.  If you do the letter activities with your kids or grandkids, I think you still need take some days or a part of each day that is more unstructured.

  Every day I was with them in December, I read a couple of verses about the REAL Christmas story ~  kids are so blasted with Santa stories, I just want to keep them balanced.  There is an app YouVersion that has Children devotions with short videos.  We used that for our Christmas story also.

         Sorry doggies but you look so cute!


Crafts ~ We got a wooden snowman, and a gingerbread man for painting.   Brinley wasn’t feeling well so she just painted hers for a few seconds, but Brodey painted and painted and painted!  He wanted the gingerbread man to hold the paintbrush when he was complete.

  We also celebrated my daughter’s birthday this month.

  The boys I nanny celebrate Hanukkah so we did several Hanukkah activities.  We got candles in a plain glass holder and decorated the outside with tissue paper for them to give as gifts.  We also made little jars with gold coins (gelt) and Dove chocolates that are in the blue wrappers for them to give to family for Hanukkah.  Sorry no photos of them.

  We made sweet potato latkes…  homemade applesauce as well as donuts that turned out so perfectly, I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo.

  Lego menorahs were constructed.

  Christmas day, we had some time on the beach. 

      Gift exchange with family.  

   We used shaving cream to make Santa beards.  HoHoHo.

  One night was for the zoo to see the lights.  On another night we drove to a neighborhood that is all lit up.

  Celebrated a friend’s birthday at Balboa Park and visited a nativity.

  We had several rainy days which is fun to look at but hard to not have outside time.

  Decorated some snowflake cookies.  They frosted them white and put silver sprinkles on them.

That was the condensed version of December, I’m anxious to start 2017 and make a decision what I will do next with the grandkids.  (If you have an opinion, post in the comments)  Next, I will finish up the posts on the remaining alphabet letters and I’m still going to do that post on healthy snacks for kids that was requested.  I’m excited about that!

I wish you all the very best year so far in 2017!



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