Hello 2017! (Time to get organized)

Happy New Year!  Goodbye 2016.

  I love a start of a new year.  Feels like a clean slate, a chance to make a change in what you didn’t like in the previous year.  Do you make resolutions?  I would love to hear what yours are.  I almost always make at least one resolution and I take it very seriously.  This year, I am resolving to schedule dr visits for check ups and all the tests and maintenance I am supposed to be doing but am terrible at keeping up with.  Secondary resolution is to be more organized with my time.  I write lists – and put way too much on them!  To do lists, things I want to do, recipes to try, crafts to make, trails to hike, thanks to the internet.   Pinterest and magazines always make me feel like I should be doing more.  I am releasing that idea and just putting 6 things on my calendar each day and IF I get to anything else, that’s great but not to expect it.

Not a resolution but just a goal I have already put into action:   To be more organized with my time for Christmas this year.  Christmas of 2016 swallowed me up for a few weeks and that takes the fun out of it for me.  I have already put on my calendar for this year, reminders to start gift shopping and card making in October.  I also put a note on my calendar to begin planning the annual cookie exchange at the beginning of November.  I rely on my calendar for everything so as it gets closer I am going to mark a day for gift wrapping and decorating etc.  And I won’t plan too much each week so I won’t be able to enjoy the Christmas festivities in my city.

Have you put away your Christmas decorations yet?  Some people like to leave them up until the tree is crispy,  I give myself the whole week after Christmas to get it all put away but it must be done no later than New Years Day.  This year, I put half away right after Christmas and undecorated the tree on Dec 31st.

Usually, I wrap my ornaments in paper towels and plop them in a box but this year I glued take out containers, mine are from Smart and Final, about 32 ounce containers, onto cardboard cut to fit my box.     My box fit 2 layers.  Then I filled the containers with ornaments and put some between the containers.

    I lined the edges with my large snowflakes.  I didn’t wrap each ornament individually because most of my ornaments are just from Target so I wouldn’t be heartbroken if one gets broken.    Then the top layer.

I put a few larger ornaments in another box with the tree skirt, lights and star tree topper.  This year I wrapped my tree lights all on a piece of cardboard.   Cutting a notch for the beginning and the end plug to keep it securely on the cardboard.  

It just made me feel more organized.  And speaking of organized, does the beginning of a new year make you want to get more organized?  Purge all your unneeded things?  We have been living in a condo for over a year now and it makes me be more organized with my things.  No garage to pile stuff.  We have a few cupboards in the parking garage and a place to park bikes etc, so it makes me be more particular with what I keep.  We don’t have a coat closet and our hall closet is small so I just have the basic cleaning supplies but not a lot of gadgets.  If I don’t use it regularly, it can’t stay.  However, I have a ton of cupboard space in the bathroom so I allow myself more  toiletries and that type of stuff.  We move a lot and my strategy is to let the house decide what I splurge on/have plenty of and what I purge/limit my possessions.    Some houses are more accommodating to lots of clothes, so have whatever fits in there.  But if you have a closet that holds 20 hangers, then have 20 things. If a home has a ton of storage in the kitchen with a big walk in panty, then collect some gadgets, have special occasion dishes.  If your bathroom has only one cupboard then pare down your toiletries and bath linens, (unless you have somewhere else to store items such as a hall closet or plenty of dresser/closet space.  To me that is organized.  Whatever fits neatly and not stuffed to the point of everything being squished and you can’t get to items easily.

I wish you all a happy, healthy 2017.  I hope you had some time to relax and enjoy the holidays!

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  1. You rock, and speaking of that I just downloaded miles a minute on my iPad. I would like to do a online study from the Bible app want to join me? Love you

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