Letter V

We did the letter V activities back in November, when I went back to my photos to write this blog, it reminded me how much fun we had that day.  We were at my daughter’s house that day.  She had started a new job so our schedule also changed completely.   I was happy to have access to her outside area and little table for the kids since today we had a messy project…  …Making a volcano!  Out of play doh of course!  Brodey made the volcano with a ‘hole’ in the top.

  Baking soda goes in the hole.    Then vinegar and it bubbles and oozes like hot lave – minus the hot.  (sorry for the shadow in the photos and I didn’t get great shots because it happens so fast)  Ours is small because Brodey makes everything miniature but it would be even more dramatic if it was larger.

Then we made a viper snake out of craft foam. I cut it out and he drew the features and markings.  We read a book about vipers too.



  Brodey wrote his name with stickers, which I think is a great way for them to get more familiar with their name before they can write.  Finding the letters, putting them in order, in a line, teaches them a lot about writing without actually writing yet.

  Brinley could get in on this activity as well, although she didn’t write her name of course.  She liked peeling the stickers off and that’s good fine motor skill practice.

   Brodey painted on his paper too.    

   The beauty of crafting outside!  Clean up is part of the fun.

 How fun is it that they have a swing inside!?!  Shameless plug – my daughter makes them and sells them on Etsy.  http://babylabel.patternbyetsy.com

  On to colors – I put down pieces of colored paper on the floor and he hopped like a frog onto the color I called out.  He has his tongue out because we fed the frog ‘flies’ when he jumped on the right color.      Grandpa stopped by for a visit while I was at Tiffany’s house. He’s an excellent story-teller.

  …I think it’s nap time!


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