Frozen Chocolate Dessert

About a month ago, back in November, the nine-year old boys I nanny and I, made this super easy, frozen snack.  

Start by chilling a medium mixing bowl in the freezer about 15 minutes until cold.

In the chilled bowl, beat 1 cup whipping cream with a beater until stiff.

Carefully fold 1/2 cup of chocolate sauce,   2 Tablespoons peanut butter chips (we chopped them roughly first)  and 1 teaspoon vanilla with a rubber spatula, into the whipped cream.  Divide the mixture equally among 4 small bowls.   They were excited there were no raw eggs in this so they could lick the bowl and spoon!


    Put the bowls in the freezer and go play until its firm.

We went for a walk:  

…and got silly.  (Kids are a great excuse to act goofy) 

Then home 2 hours later, hungry and ready to try the frozen treat.

Practicing knife skills :  

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