Letter X

I like to hang the letter of the day at eye level when sitting on the floor.  

  Sometimes I choose a Bible verse that has our letter of the day in it.  This was yesterday’s verse that we used for W but I used it again today.  I read it to them if they are interested in it.  Brodey sometimes has questions.

   I had our favorite coloring paper letter from http://www.twistynoodle.com.  They work great with the Dot A Dot paints for dabbing a dot of paint in the circles.

We talked about x-rays.

Grandpa read some letter X books and a few Christmas/Winter books.

Brinley worked some puzzles just for fun and she likes my basket of shells and pods.

Christmas is only a month away so I thought about doing Xmas today but I  feel like it’s putting the X over the Christ in Christmas.   But they did want to put some ornaments on the tree and we made a gingerbread house.

I asked Brodey to made an X out of his pretzels!


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