Letter Z

Z is for Z Bars and zebra and zig zag.  I feel like we should have a graduation ceremony on this last day of the alphabet!  I’m ready to move on to something else.  Brodey wants to do the alphabet again.

The kids both love Z bars so I was excited to give them these.  Chocolate chip is their favorite (and mine too)

I printed some zebra papers for them to color and brought some zebra stickers.  (thanks Jolynn)



Brodey wanted to color in his coloring book.





We went outside for a little zigzagging.

While we were outside, we discovered a unique leaf and tried to find the tree it came from.

That turned into a game of finding different leaves and finding out what tree dropped it. 

Brodey collected some nature items – nothing to do with Z but still fun and always great to be outdoors!

We ended our day by pulling out this zebra toy.

I had fun going through the alphabet with Brodey and then adding Brinley as she got old enough to do things with us.  Maybe we will make an alphabet book in 2017.

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