Rainy Day Boredom Busters

When it rains for days, the kids get tired of being indoors which makes everyone a little  irritable.  Time to put on the rain boots and go outside!  Brodey and Brinley didn’t have any rain boots yet so we went shopping!    We found their Disney rain boots at Babies R Us.

  He was fascinated with stepping in the water and not getting his feet wet.  The rain wasn’t actually coming down but their yard was pretty flooded.  We never would have been able to play out there without the rain boots.


We brought in an otherwise outdoor activity indoors by putting down a blanket to keep the mess easy to clean.  Their sensory bin entertained them for an hour.  It currently has dry rice and popcorn kernels.  I gave them some little containers with lids and some larger containers for pouring.                   When they were done playing, most of the kernels and rice were on the blanket and easy to dump back into the bin but I did need to vacuum.  It was worth it though.


As the rain was falling outside, we had a blanket tea party inside.  If you have a little girl, you probably have a play tea-cup or two, but if you don’t, just use child size dishes.  Let them fill their own dishes with Cheerios or whatever tiny snack food they like.  Again the blanket under them catches the falling cereal for easy clean up.

Hint – sit right on the floor with them to keep them content and interested even longer.



If your munchkins have excess energy that needs to get out – set up an obstacle course.    The amount of activities you include depends on their age, one obstacle per each year. (for a 3-year-old, have 3 activities etc) They will have to remember all the steps so you don’t want it to be too complicated.  You don’t need a ton of space.  Here are some ideas ~~

  • Put a couch cushion on the floor for climbing over
  • A line of painters tape (so it doesn’t leave residue on the floor) to walk heel to toe like a balance beam.
  • Get some hopping/jumping in by having them hop to the next obstacle.
  • Have them stop at a certain spot for a few jumping jacks or toe touches.
  • Have them crawl under a table or chair.

The main idea is to get their bodies moving but not just running crazy around the house.  Modify it for their age and what equipment you have (if you have a mini trampoline, use that by having them jump a certain amount of times, hoola hoops, Hoppity Hop etc)

The more structure the better.  The next person can’t go until the previous person gets to the end and sits criss cross.  Trust me, it will turn into a wrestling match if you don’t have structure.

Set up a course and have them go through it about 3 times, then switch it up a bit.


Clean out your pantry and create a snack.  Take all the bite sized snack foods out of the pantry and give the kids a 1/4 cup scoop.  They can put a scoop of whatever they choose in their bowl to make a trail mix snack.  Have them use a container with a lid so they can eat what they want and save the rest for later.

Suggestions for ingredients

  • cereals
  • raisins
  • yogurt or chocolate covered raisins
  • pumpkin seeds
  • pretzels
  • m&ms
  • nuts
  • granola
  • bite size crackers such as goldfish

Try for a variety of salty and sweet ingredients.




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