Five Things to do in San Diego, CA

I love reading about things to do in my city so I am going to periodically post things to do that I have tried and liked.  Whether you live here or are here on vacation, I hope to inspire you to do something new or to just get out there.

An obvious place to go is Sea World.  It is expensive but if you live in the area it’s a fun membership to have.  If you get the Silver Membership, you get free parking.  If you get the one year Fun Card, you will have to pay about $15 each time you park.  But if you always go with your partner, just one of you can get the Silver Membership and the other to get the Fun Card.

There are shows and exhibits.   Some of the exhibits have feeding times when you can buy fish to feed the animal.  We fed the seals this time –

If you have toddler or preschool age kids, there is a kids area with a Sesame Street theme that my grandkids love!  Brodey is three years old and he likes the rides in the kid area.           There is no additional cost for the rides.

The play area is free after admission also.   It’s nice to go in the winter when it’s not so crowded.  We were even there on a Sunday and there was no line for the ride and when we first got to this play area, he was the only one in there–

  He loved crashing into these punching bag things.

He stayed in there until he was hot and thirsty.


There are several fun games to play.  Grandpa got a frog into the lily pad and won a prize.

This game has a winner every game and since Grandpa and Brodey were the only two playing, they won this green Shamu.  Fun to play and a souvenir too!

Since we have a membership and live nearby, we can just go before nap or after nap and not try to fit in too much in one day.


Looking for something to do with kids that are a little older?  I took the 9 year olds I nanny on an art scavenger hunt at UCSD.   Even if they are not into art, its a good place  to roam around with fountains and grassy areas, and even places to eat.  An added bonus is that they get to see what a college campus looks like.  These boys pictured college as one building and were surprised to see how it was like a little city.  It made them excited to go to college.

The Art is called the Stuart Collection.  You can print a map, and you should, but it’s not very well labeled and we had trouble finding everything.  I thought it was going to be a good way to work on map skills and that would be fun for the boys to find the objects using the map but they lost interest in that since it was hard to ‘read’.  There is also an app you can download that tells you about the art exhibits you find.

They were impressed by these trash cans that had a pedal to step on to open the trash lid.

These are no ordinary art pieces!  Look at this impressive house on top of this building!


On certain days you can go up on the roof and see the house from up there.  Theres  a whole ‘yard’ for the house up there.  We were not there on a day you could go up.

Here are a few more pieces we saw-~~

I’m not sure if this was part of the art exhibit but they had fun playing here–


There are so many beaches to go to in the San Diego area!  If you live here, explore different beaches.  When I first moved here, I started in Carlsbad and went to almost every beach down to Silver Strand south of Coronado.  Here are some beaches I’ve been to lately–

  Whispering Sands Beach, on the south end of Coast Blvd.   Start here and walk North 

all the way to the cove or pick a spot and stay put for a while.  

You can have dogs on the beach in the evening, and early morning.  It changes depending on what month it is so check postings.

Beaches aren’t just for afternoons —  go to the beach at different times of the day/year for different experiences.  Go at high tide and low tide – it’s always a different feel.  We went at sunset this time.

Torrey Pines is a ‘must do’.  You can go to the beach only or If you are a stepper and like to walk/hike, there are trails all over the cliff.

For something unique get over to the Glider Port, you get beautiful views up on top of the cliff, or you can walk down a sketchy path to the beach.  Either way, you can also watch the hand gliders soar above you.


There’s even more parks than there are beaches, some of the playgrounds are right on the beach.  We went to the La Jolla Rec Center this time.  Not on the beach but only a block away if you want to include a stop at the beach on your park day.


The great thing about this park at the Rec Center is there is so much to do for every age.  There are three different playgrounds suitable for different ages as well as tennis courts, basketball courts and plenty of large grassy areas.


Lastly, I have to at least mention paddle boarding for adults or older kids and teens.  Of course, it’s mostly known as a summertime activity but on the bay. the water is calm and you probably won’t even get wet, but wear a wet suit just in case.








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