Valentines Day for All Ages





Let’s talk about Valentines Day!  Here’s an idea to do with/for every age group.

Baby – 4 years old 

You can do this heart-shaped hand/footprint for any young aged child.

The paint can be rubbed on the childs hands/feet, or pour some paint on a paper plate and dip the hands/feet into it, or use a paint brush to paint it on their little patty cakes.   For babies, it might be easier to do this while they are sleeping, (a helper would make it even easier).  For my toddler granddaughter, I dipped her feet into paint on a paper plate while she was in her high chair.  Since she doesn’t like getting messy, it was best that she didn’t see the paint on her foot.  My three-year-old grandson thought it was funny to paint it on his hands/feet with a paintbrush *tickle, tickle.

When you press their hands or feet  on the paper, angle the feet/hands to make the heart shape.  Cut the paper into a heart shape around the prints to make it more obvious that the prints are heart-shaped.

Four year old through Elementary Age (keepsake box and place mat) 

Together, you can make a keepsake box for a gift for parent, grandparent, or caregiver.

Using any size empty box with a lid, have the kids paint the box to cover any designs on the box.

While that dries, tear red, pink, and white tissue paper into smallish pieces.

This is a good way to use that adorable Victoria Secret (and other) tissue paper you always save because it’s too cute to throw away.

My grandkids loved this part!

Permission to rip the tissue paper (we also threw it into the air and watched it float down).


Brush liquid glue all over the box, or work in small sections if you are doing a larger box such as a shoe box.  Brush the glue, stick a piece of tissue paper on it.  Repeat until the box is covered with a collage of tissue paper.  Just do the lid or do the whole box, your choice.  After you get the tissue paper designed how you like it, brush a top coat of glue to seal the tissue paper.

(you can use the glue straight up or dilute it with some water)

Brodey and Brinley made their box for Mommy and she loved it.  They had as much fun giving it her as they did making it.

They also made a place mat for Daddy.  

This just involved putting a rectangle of clear contact paper upside down. (sticky side up;  you might need to tape the corners if they roll up)  

Stick a variety of heart cut outs, photos, and handmade notes and pictures onto the sticky paper.

Cut the items in different shapes;  hearts, squares, circles, to keep it interesting.  

To complete,  put another equal size rectangle sticky size down onto the decorated one.  This was the tricky part.  Ours got some wrinkles in it.  Trim the edges and round the corners if you wish.

Teens through Adult children

If you have a teen or a grown up kid,  I recommend giving them a gift.

It can be anything from their favorite candy to something you know they have been wanting.  Is there a special treat you don’t make very often?  Make it just for them.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to be a meaningful gift.  Include a valentine note telling them what you love about them.  Even if your teen rolls their eyes at this, they need to be told at least one thing positive about them.

Don’t forget yourself!  If you don’t think you will be getting a valentine from anyone, treat yourself to something!  Who knows what makes you feel special better than you!





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