Valentine Rock Walk

I think I can squeeze in another Valentine post before the big day gets here.  Today we went on a ‘rock walk’ to maybe find a rock shaped like a heart and paint it for Valentines Day, or just a regular rock and we could paint a heart on it.

What we discovered was, every bit of land in the development my grandkids live in is landscaped so unless we want to steal a rock from a neighbors landscape, we had to head out of the development.  Thankfully their neighborhood is in the middle of a preserve so off we went to the wild, wild west.

We piled into the little red wagon loaded with trail mix for the trail, water, hats and iPhone for pictures!

As we passed the green, grassy area in the neighborhood, Brodey wanted to get out of the wagon for some running around and rolling down the grassy hills. I tend to get a little impatient when we are on a mission to do something and they get side tracked, but I am working on just enjoying the moment.  While everyone is happy, I don’t want to fret about getting on with the plan of finding rocks.

I only have them part of the day, today for 6 hours, so I didn’t feel rushed- but still in my mind was that we should be home in enough time to paint the rocks before nap.  I was pushing that thought away because this time in the grassy area ended up being a great time with lots of laughter and running.  Is there anything better than kids running free?  How about a kid running free and finding a REAL bird nest!  Brodey is so into birds and nests and eggs!  I was so proud of him that his first reaction was to put the nest back in the tree.  The tree was too tall to reach and the nest was empty so I think the bird was done with it.  I told him he could keep the nest.  That made him so happy which made me so happy.

Out in the wild, we found our rocks:  a slightly heart-shaped rock , a few small egg-shaped rocks to put in his nest and one rock for each of them to paint.

  Here is his nest with rock eggs in it!  What a treasure.

By time we got home, it was almost nap time so they had a Z Bar and yogurt with blueberries and had their naps.

After nap, we spread out our old paint sheet and changed into paint shirts so we could  paint our rocks red.


Brodey painted the heart-shaped rock, and both his and Brinley’s rocks since she wasn’t into it at that moment.  He finished painting just as Daddy was coming home from work so we will draw hearts on them on Saturday when I go back over.

Tip:  Try not to get so focused on the plan that you miss fun along the way.  I’m working on this myself.  Sometimes I rush them along because I want them to finish what I planned.  I’m glad I didn’t do that today because we had so much fun.  They didn’t finish 100% but it was more important to enjoy the ride.

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