Motivation Monday #2

Hi everyone!  I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  The day to love on someone!  Don’t be a hater of this day.  It’s a day to show love to someone.  Anyone you would like to honor.  It’s not about you and who is giving you something, or recognizing you.  It’s about giving to someone and this is the way you will enjoy the day!  My advice is first do for someone else and then you can do something nice for yourself as well!


Following up on my low carb, low sugar eating plan:  It’s been 2 weeks since I started and I have lost 3 pounds.  I’m not in a hurry to lose the weight since I’m planning on following this plan for 6 months.

The best thing about eating this way is that I can have bacon and eggs for breakfast quite often, a couple of times a week usually. It’s not always convenient to make in the mornings but this week I made extra bacon for later when I made breakfast.  I should make hard boiled eggs for days I need to eat on the run.

Here’s what else I know:  If I’m craving a sweet, I whip some whipping cream, add a little Stevia or Monk Fruit In the Raw or Xylitol,   to make own whipped cream that has zero carbs.  Put a spoonful or two on a bowl of berries. Delish!


I’m not being totally strict with carbs, I eat fruit, which has carbs.  Focusing on berries, which are supposed to be easiest on your stomach and loaded with good things in them.  Apples and oranges are pretty low in carbs.  Bananas and grapes are the highest ones I’ve found so far but like I said, I’m not cutting out healthy foods that have carbs.  I’m still eating beans and oats as well.  My main reason for this plan is to get the processed foods out of my life.

I took a carb test that I read in First magazine, to see how my body processes carbs.

The article said some bodies deal with carbs better than others.  It said to eat an UNSALTED saltine cracker.  It HAS to be unsalted.  Start a timer/stopwatch, put a whole cracker in your mouth and chew it like gum for 35 seconds, noticing exactly when it starts tasting sweet.  Write down that time.  Do it a second time and write down how many seconds until it tastes sweet.  Average the two numbers together – Mine never changed taste so the article said I do not process carbs easily;  but I do process fats so yay for that!  Has anyone ever heard of this test before?  If you try it, let me know if your cracker tasted sweet at any point.  I’m curious.


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