Two Printable Activities and a Metamorphosis

How cute are these pages that you can print and use to enhance your child’s PlayDoh time!?!

Here’s where you go:

Search for the post on Busy Bags, she has these, and other, free printables on that post.

I covered the front of my print outs with clear contact paper.

Each page (they are actually a half paper size;  so two pictures on one page when you print)  has a picture with an instruction for the child to add something to the picture using PlayDoh.

This picture of a fish bowl with a fish in it, says to add bubbles in the fish bowl.

They are instructed to add a face to a snowman, candles on a cake…you get the idea.

There are even a few more that I didn’t take get a photo.

They can put the PlayDoh back in the containers and do it again another day.

On the same site,, print and cut out the hamburger game.  It has parts of a hamburger and then page strips that show the child different orders to put the burger ingredients.

Sorry I didn’t get good pictures of this activity but Brinley wasn’t feeling great today so I held her most of the morning.   I ended up with only these two photos.

Side note:  It seems like they are in their pajamas a lot, because they are.  Brodey is going through a comfort stage so if we are just playing inside, I let him be in his pajamas.  Brinley does like to get dressed. but she’s one year old and therefore messy, so the she usually stays in her pajamas until we go somewhere or outside.


  Don’t you just love that when a child has a question about something, you can always find a video online to answer their question!?!  We have learned about so many things from how a garbage disposal works (ya!  That was a phase) to watching a stingray give birth! (to answer Brodey’s question if stingrays lay eggs or have a baby out of their tummy).  Since Brodey is interested in tadpoles/frogs and caterpillars/butterflies, we have recently been watching YouTube videos showing the metamorphosis.  Today’s playtime turned into him being a caterpillar

Stage one: The butterfly lays the eggs.


Stage two: He’s a caterpillar







Stage 3: He’s a pupa in a cocoon.



Now he’s a butterfly that flies all over the house and eventually lays more eggs and it goes again and again!


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