St. Patricks Day with Toddlers

When my kids were little, I would celebrate St Patrick’s day with crafts and lots of green activities and food.  Then when my ‘kids’ became adults, and I am not a beer drinker nor a fan of cabbage and corn beef, I didn’t  really do much except maybe wear green and sometimes not even that.  Now I have grandkids, and they are part Irish, so I am going to go at it again!

I will be doing some St Paddy’s crafts using lots of green and clovers.  (I looked online to see what the difference is between a clover and a shamrock and discovered that while shamrocks and clovers both have three leaves, if it has four leaves it has to be a clover because shamrocks are always three leafed)

I filled a dish tub with random green things I had already.  I lined it with green tissue paper and put green foam, sponges of different sizes and shapes, a measuring cup, tennis ball, toy rake, frog, green cars. and a green easter egg.  I let Brodey use his imagination to play with the items and Brinley had fun loading and unloading.

Right away Brodey grabbed the green rake and started playing in the dirt.



  I put green M&M’s in the green easter egg.  

Brinley had fun putting one object inside another and putting them on shelves and tables. She also played with the tennis ball but not very long.  (they got on their paint shirts almost as soon as I arrived at their house, since most everything I do has some messiness)

She didn’t color with the crayons but she did like emptying the box and trying to put the crayons back as well as opening and closing the box.

It’s so fun that Brinley is able to do the art activities now.  She was more interested in all the medians today than her brother.  She put clover stickers on the clover cut out.

Then she went crazy with random green stickers on another page.  I tried to get her to say ‘green’ but she wasn’t quite ready for that word yet.


She painted another clover.

Brodey traced some numbers, I said a number and he found it and tried to trace it.  It’s still a little difficult for him to trace the small numbers, but good practice!

Since Brodey is so interested in the  egg/ tadpole/ frog metamorphosis, he was making a bunch of frog eggs with his PlayDoh, so I made a PlayDoh clover to use for the eggs’ to lay on.  I printed a clover page and put it into a sheet protector so the PlayDoh wouldn’t stick and used that as my outline while I shaped the PlayDoh.

Brodey spent a few minutes dot painting a clover with his green DotADot paint.

So basically to prepare I just filled a dish tub with green items and printed a several clover coloring pages.  I put them out with markers, crayons, miscellaneous green stickers, Dot A Dot in green, green paint and paint brushes, beads and pipe cleaners and let them use their imagination.


Ideas for the rest of the family.

Search online for any St Patrick’s Day events going on in your area.  Most cities have parades, festivals, marathons etc,  See if anything appeals to you or your family.

Partake in a festive green drink, it doesn’t have to be beer.

  • Matcha green tea frappaccino  (at Starbucks or make your own)
  • McDonald’s shamrock shake
  • green tea – even though it isn’t really green colored, theres green in the name!
  •  green smoothie





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