Getting Your 10,000 Steps

If your goal is to get 10,000 steps in most days, it can seem impossible sometimes.  It is, however, attainable to reach that magical number


Before you begin, you need to have a way to track the steps.  I wear a FitBit Flex.  There are other more updated FitBit devices but my Flex is basic and simple to use.  If you plan to carry your phone, you could use the Health app or another app that keeps track of your steps.  However, it only keeps track of the steps when you have your phone on you so you might miss out on logging a few if you set your phone down at home or at work.  There are also several pedometers you clip on yourself but any I’ve tried were complicated to set up,  they come unclipped easily and are not as accurate.

There are several ways to get all your steps :

  1.  Go for one big walk if you can.  I like to do a 10,000 step walk and then the rest of my steps throughout the day are extra!  I  mix it up and go to different trails in a variety of locations to keep it interesting. .Going with Friends who like to walk is my favorite.
  2. Go for an 8,000 step walk and the rest of your day should fill in the remaining steps.  I have a walk I do from my condo to a cafe that is about 8,000 steps and I know if I do that on a day I don’t have the time for one big hike that I will get my 10000 steps by days’ end.  Having at least one good walk mapped out from your home, saves time by not having to go somewhere else to begin your walk.    It’s a bonus if you have a fun destination that also serves as a reward.  My cafe destination has coffee so that’s my reward but your reward could also be as simple as a beautiful view.
  3. Work in as many steps as you can in your regular day. For this, you have to rethink everything you’ve learned about being organized and efficient-

-Don’t categorize your grocery list by aisles then shop straight down your list.  This will take you all over the store several times getting you about 3 times the amount of steps.  You can use this procedure on other chores;  when you fold laundry, put each pile away one at a time, going back and forth.  I recently did some shopping and errands with a friend at a shopping center and we went out to the car after each store to put our purchases in the car racking up more steps!

-Forget about trying to get a close parking space; from now on, your goal is to park in           the farthest  spot in he lot.

-I also get  500 -1,000 steps every time I take the dogs out for a potty walk so volunteer for that job as much as you can.


-Take a short walk after each meal.  It only takes a few minutes to take a 1,000 step walk.

Start with these changes and soon you will be hitting 10,000 steps almost daily;  but even if you only get there 4 or 5 days a week, that will have many health benefits.  The point is to move.  You will feel better, sleep better, and rev up your metabolism.  Any increase you make in your activity will be beneficial.

If you need more motivation:   If you walk 10,000 steps each day, in a week you will  burn an additional 3,500 calories!  Burning 3,500 calories is supposed to equal losing one pound so you should be able to lose a pound each week by just walking!  Obviously, the faster your pace, the more calories you burn.

So get out there and take the first step!

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