Easter Eggs

I am hoping this is just the first of many posts about ways to decorate Easter eggs.  Today I am using golds but substitute whatever color/colors go with your home.   

I got these white plastic eggs at the 99cent store but you could use hard-boiled eggs or blown eggs. I wanted to use supplies I already had so I used gold spray paint, a gold paint pen and gold glitter.  Acrylic paint would have worked great but I didn’t have gold.  I also used glue with the glitter.

So here’s how it went down:   I started out using a gold paint pen.  

I just drew some stripes around the egg.  I drew it free hand because I am not a perfectionist but you could certainly use a straight edge to make the lines more perfectly.

Then I went back over the lines to make them a bit thicker.  


For the polka dot egg, I used the handle of a foam brush to dab circles of glue onto the egg.

Then I sprinkled the glitter and blew off the excess.

I made a golden egg using the gold spray paint.

I also did a few by holding the spray paint can near just one  end and letting the paint fill in the end,  making splattering drops, and the other end staying white.  There must be a word for this but I don’t know what to call it.

These ideas should get you started.  Once you get your supplies pulled out, just let your imagination go.  You can swirl, paint, draw, add sparkles and much more until you run out of eggs.  Older kids would certainly get into this even if they think they are too old to decorate eggs. They will join you while you create. If you have younger kids helping, be sure you use washable kid friendly supplies.


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