Bento Box and a Healthy Diet

I’ve been eating low carb/low sugar for over a month.  I haven’t lost weight, but I haven’t gained any either.   I have more energy and feel healthy. I committed to staying on this eating plan for six months to try it out.  And even though I am not losing weight, i feel good so I am sticking to it.  Isn’t that mature of me?

Since my scale isn’t budging there are things I should do to figure out why;  I could keep a food journal, writing down everything I am eating so I can be honest with myself about what is keeping me from losing.  I’m not quite motivated yet, but I probably will end up doing it.  I know my answer will be the handful of this (potato chips) and the nibble of that (just a few M&M’s)  that I keep indulging in usually at night in my weakest hours before bed.  Also just because its low carb, low sugar doesn’t mean I can eat as much as I want of it!  So I know I would find my quantities too large if I journaled my every bite.  Lastly, besides walking, I don’t get any other exercise so maybe if I added something more, I would lose.  Maybe typing these ideas will motivate me to start doing one!

What I know about myself is I eat sometimes when I am not hungry just because I finished one activity and eat something before I dive into another activity.  And sometimes I just have a craving for something, usually in the evening that I give in to because I am weak, I literally give in to a craving about 5 minutes after I have it – that’s it;  I fight it for 5 minutes before indulging.

The good news is I’m getting used to this plan.  Since I’m not being strict, I have a lot of options.  My basic rule for myself is no super processed food.  If it doesn’t look the way God made it, it’s too processed.  No cookies, cakes, etc.  No empty calorie crackers.  What I do eat is eggs, meat, veggies, fruit, nuts.  I eat a little bit of potato, and occasionally popcorn because it is my favorite.  It doesn’t seem unhealthy to me because I make it on the stove with a little spray oil (Trader Joes butter flavor,  watch out for brands with chemicals in them)  and pink Himalayan sea salt.

I eat out less and pack food more.  I have been having so much fun with my bento box.  It makes me feel organized and healthy and its great for portion control since the sections are small but I still get variety.  Here is a recent one I packed.  (I will have access to a microwave when I eat this one)

purple potatoes, grape tomatoes cut in half and sliced Persian cucumbers
eggs and herbs that I made the night before in a ramekin.

My bento box looks like this:  

There are so many boxes available that are fun.  I thought this one would be too small but It’s not.  I like that it gives me portion control on the top layer but underneath is big enough for a salad.  I like that this one, by Rubbermaid, is microwave and dishwasher safe.  It has a good amount of sections: one large and 3 smaller and also a separate small container if you have liquid, like salad dressing, and don’t want to take a chance of it oozing onto another section in the box.  Also super helpful to have the ice pack that I can put either on top or under my box depending on where the perishables are packed.

Note:  I didn’t love the eggs in the ramekin photo above because it was rubbery when i heated it.  I much prefer the times I’ve hard-boiled an egg for one of the upper sections.  

If you use a bento box, please leave suggestions you have tried and liked in the comments.  I am still figuring it out and trying not to use sugar or carbs as much as possible.  Here’s what I’ve learned so far:   don’t use avocado, sliced apple/ pear, or anything that browns and doesn’t look appetizing hours later.  Stay away from things that don’t reheat well such as my egg dish above.  Remember to season everything or keep a stash of those little salt and pepper packets.  I like salad in the lower, large section.  The smaller sections are great for nuts, cheese, fruit (grapes, chunks of pineapple/melon) cherry tomatoes ( I like to halve them and put salt and pepper on ahead of time)  sections of clementine, baby carrots, ademame.  If you have the little seperate container like mine, I use it for salad dressing.

If you don’t need to pack a lunch, it’s still a great way to pack snacks for doing errands or being gone a good part of the day. It will save you from temptations all around you to eat fries or candy!  Put some cheese and nuts and fruit in the small sections.  Popcorn you’ve made yourself on the stove or in a paper bag in the microwave so you know whats on it,  can be in the large section


For some reason, having my food organized in this little box makes me look forward to eating it as opposed to a cheese stick thrown in my purse and squished.  If you don’t have time for a whole Bento snack, there’s nothing wrong with keeping a baggie of almonds in your purse.  I know every day isn’t convenient for planning a snack ahead of time.

Using the Bento box, or any reusable container, also cuts down on trash.  Anything we can do to cut back our trash contribution is a plus.

Here are some things that are delicious and help you be heathy and beautiful. I love that combo!

ALMONDS- Vitamin E which is good for your skin (firmer – still waiting for this to take effect) 

STRAWBERRIES/CITRUS/PEPPERS- Vitamin C helps prevent wrinkles. 


I feel inspired to make up a Bento Box diet plan!  Wouldn’t it be helpful to have several Bento boxes and make all your food for the day ahead of time (or at least breakfast and lunch)?







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    1. Sorry I don’t remember where I got my Bento Box but it seems like it was just at a grocery store.

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