Easter Egg Decorating Idea #2

 As soon as I saw these little eggs on the cover of April 2017’s Woman’s Day magazine, I knew I was going to be trying to make them!   

I had already stocked up on plain, plastic eggs for dying/decorating at the dollar store.  

That’s right!  I got a pack of a dozen of these for a dollar, so I got six packs of them!

You could use real hard-boiled eggs, or blown eggs but this was so much easier!

As you can see from the magazine cover above, the eggs were painted and then decorated with artificial flower petals or whole flowers.

Sorry I did not take a photo of the painting of the eggs but I will tell you;   I painted one end of the egg, and then,when it was dry, I painted the other end, two coats, waiting 30 minutes between coats for drying.  (while the eggs dried, I did other chores:  took the dogs out for a walk, laundry, cooking, dishes etc)

The eggs came with these cardboard strips shown above, that I taped into a ring to hold the eggs as they dried.


Time to decorate with the silk flowers!  For some, I just glued a whole flower.  I liked the oversize flowers but smaller flowers would be cute too, even clusters of smaller flowers would look adorable, don’t you think?

The carrot egg was is my favorite.  My leaves are much wider than the one on the cover but I think it looks so cute.

My husband favored the animal ones.

I used individual flower petals for ears, wings and a beak, just as in the Woman’s Day magazine.  The eyes and mouths were added with a sharpie marker.

Here they are in the egg carton the eggs came in.  I left a couple of eggs painted without embellishments.

Now I’m motivated to get my Easter decorations out of storage!

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