Two by Two

Take a peek into the last Two days with my Two grandkids.  

When their parents both work early, I get there at 6:30 am to take over.  The upside to getting up at 5:00 is that I get to be there when they wake up, oh those sleepy faces!  How precious is a child immediately after waking, with their little jammies on!?!  

If Brodey wakes up first, sometimes he plays with my iPad so Brinley can sleep.  Though I would never want a child a to have an unbalanced amount of iPad time, for this age there are so many ways to learn with some time on the ‘Pad’.  In my Brodey file you will find:  Baby Balloons, Talking Ben/MyTom (okay not so educationa,l but he loves them for a little while)  TallyTots, See ‘N Say, and PBS games.  I encourage you to try these games and leave any suggestions for us to try in a comment below, please.  He also loves to watch videos of whatever he’s interested in, lately that means: videos about the lifecycle of butterflies and of frogs.  If he has a question about anything, we don’t have to wonder what the answer is, we can probably find a video to answer his question.  “lets look it up”  is the new “I don’t know”

Brinley prefers books.  Yay.


Even if Brodey says he doesn’t want a story, when I read to Brinley, he ends up paying attention to it.

Though they have a lot of books at their house, I like to check out library books that I think will interest them.  This week I checked out several Eric Carle books.  

I read from their Bible story book, the story of Hannah praying for a son. I printed these coloring pages from  At first they were not interested in coloring but when I colored one of the pages, they joined in.

A little snack of tomato and cucumber.

Brinley went to her room and got her sunglasses.  She wore them for about an hour and wanted me to wear mine most of the that time too.

We had so much fun with a simple bowl of water with one pump of dish washing soap,  a little green food coloring and a straw.  He blew bubble sculptures.

Less messy yet just as fun without the food coloring.

Note:  if you do this with your preschooler, be sure they understand to only blow and not suck like they are used to doing with a straw.

Brinely laughed and laughed watching the bubbles grow higher and higher. 

We played for a long time with these foam letter puzzles pieces.  Instead of placing them flat on the floor, we put them together like walls and boxes.  (mostly I put them together and they knocked them over)  Brinley used her pieces as accessories, even putting the letter C on her head like a visor.  Brodey crawled through the larger letter spaces.  A great way to use large motor skills indoors.

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