Fun with Colors, Words and Numbers

Yesterday, Brodey asked me to bring him some  Play Doh when I came over the next day, so, I walked to a CVS that is a few blocks from my house, since I didn’t have time for a Target trip that day.  CVS didn’t have Play Doh but they had Model Magic so I got that to see how he liked it.   The Model Magic had a more airy texture than Play Doh. 

He took pinches of different color combinations to see what color they turned into.  Here he is in the photo above, mixing red and white to make pink.  I guess I didn’t get a picture of the clay but he liked that too.  It was more difficult to manipulate because of its firmer consistency.

Next we read a library book about Kangaroos which lead to Brodey pretending he was a Joey in a pouch.  I love when a book leads them  to act something out so I usually prompt them:  such as, after a butterfly book I would say fly like a monarch butterfly with your wings up, down, up, down.  Now you are laying your eggs on a leaf….(sometimes they don’t  need much prompting and it turns into a whole imaginative play session)

Brinley played with a basket that had wooden numbers 1-6 inside.  As she took the numbers out, I told her what number it was.  She repeated some of the numbers and called out some numbers on her own.  They were not the correct numbers yet, but she is one year old and I think it is good she is getting familiar with numbers.

Sometimes when she colors, I write her name in large letters on her paper so she will recognize her name.

The grand finale for the day was this game.  I wrote numbers 1 – 6 on the inside of condiment-size  cups.  Brodey counted chocolate chips to match the number in the cup.  When he got it correct, he got to eat the chocolate chips!

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  1. You are the bomb Best Grammy ever maybe we should open a preschool just for friends and family

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