If you live in the San Diego area or are here for a visit, you should consider an hour drive north to Temecula.  This city has a low stress, slower vibe.  With more than 30 vineyards, it’s landscape is beautiful.

I have a friend who is a member of the wine club at the Ponte Winery so goes there several times a year.  This time, she invited JoLynn and I to drive up there with her.   I had only been to Temecula once before and was excited to go again.

At the Ponte Winery, we walked right in to this adorable gift shop/wine tasting/lobby area.  We spent some time in here before heading out to check on  our lunch reservations.

Lunch was beautiful, fresh and delicious.

Every grape vine was perfect.  I don’t know how they do that, I have no instincts for growing plants but I do love to look at them.  I had a particular interest in the grape vines because my sister used to grow some in her back yard and I know how hard it is to keep the birds from eating the grapes and the grapes from turning to raisins.


If you go to this exact winery, you can walk a path next door to the hotel, and you really should!

You go through these beautiful arches that just called for a photo be taken under them.

This is what is waiting for you to see at the hotel.  Thankfully we were with Myvanwy and she had stayed there before so she walked us over…and now you have me to tell you!  You’re welcome.  

When you turn around, you see the hotel, which is a completely different architect and landscape than the winery.

As you walk closer to the hotel building, there are little seating areas that called to me.  I love Adirondack chairs, but I’m getting off track…

We left the winery and headed to Old Town Temecula.  It’s on Main Street, naturally.   

It’s full of unique boutiques.  You will find everything from a Viking store to a lavender shop.  You must wander around and visit a few.

We headed back to San Diego, trying to avoid traffic, which we almost did but when you are in a car with a couple of good friends, getting there’s half the fun!


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