Maritime Museum of San Diego

If you have any adults or kids in your life that like ships/history, you must go to this unconventional museum.  You can go aboard eleven different vessels that are anchored in the bay.  The cost is about $13 per adult for admission to all boats.  We didn’t make it onto all of them but I think we made it to five of them.  Here is a sampling of what you will see if you visit this anchored ship museum.

My husband loves all things pirate and the H.M.S. Surprise is a replica of a 1700’s ship looking very much like a pirate ship.


It’s actually a replica of an 18th century Royal Navy frigate.  It’s very detailed with guns and cannons and laundry hanging to dry.  It was step back to a different era to glimpse how they sailed back in the day.  Not a life for me, I will say that!


The America is a replica of a schooner that was the first vessel to win the famous America’s Cup.  A very grand boat.  I think it is available for chartering also.


Star of India

The Star of India is a merchant sailing ship from 1863.  Her first voyage was to India to bring jute since cotton was unavailable in the U.S. because of the Civil War going on.  Later, she also transported emigrants.  This ship was my favorite because it had so many levels (four) and each area on the boat had a unique personality.


“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““Whether you have kids or not, but definitely if you have kids, they will want to go across the street to this very cool park to cool off.  We did not have kids with us but were drawn to the water feature and beautiful blue playground.

There is a huge fountain the kids can play in.  The ground covering in the fountain is a rubbery product that is not slippery and the water is not deep anywhere.  There is also a large playground and area to run around.  Sorry my photos of the playground wouldn’t load for some unknown reason.  You will have to go see it for yourself.





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