Egg ‘Em On!

This alphabet egg activity started with a blogpost from

Miss Bananapants suggested using empty plastic Easter eggs to write an uppercase letter on one half of the eggs and corresponding lower case letter one the other half of the eggs.  This activity is for kindergarten age but I thought I would see what my 4-year-old grandson did with this activity.  He loves all things egg so I knew he would at least try it.  

He needed help matching the letters and after a few we started looking for a small toy that begins with the letter on the egg to put into the egg.

We put a little toy fox inside the Ff egg.

If we couldn’t find a toy small enough to fit in the egg, then I would find something that began with that letter to hide the egg in/on.

It turned into him hiding the eggs for me to find.  Since I was helping him with a clue when I hid, he gave me a clue to help me find the eggs he hid.  Usually it was a huge giveaway!  He said, “I’ll give you a clue, it’s in the pantry – and it’s in the cereal box!”  He didn’t care that I didn’t really have to search for the egg after his clue was given.  It was a fun game!

Brinley liked opening the eggs and finding a surprise inside.


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