Oh No! I Washed and Dried My Laundry With Colored Lip Balm in a Pocket!


As the title states, I left a colored lip balm in a sweat shirt pocket and didn’t discover it until I had washed and dried the whole load of whites!  Every item in the load except, strangely, the sweatshirt in which the lip balm was left, had little dots of color splattered here and there.  I didn’t care much about the towels and wash cloths but my favorite white skirt, one of my husband’s favorite shirts, a shirt my grandkids made for a gift with their handprints, and a pair of white pants I like were all in that load.

Here’s my plan of action that saved the entire load:

First, I put a dot of dish soap on each dot of lip balm and gave it a little rub with my fingers.   This took quite a bit of time.

Then I put it all in a load with laundry detergent and I had about a 1/4 inch of Shout Advanced left in a container so I dumped that in the washer for extra credit.  I left the lid to the washer open so it would fill, but not wash, and let it soak the rest of the day and all night.

The next morning, I closed the lid so the wash cycle would start.

When I opened the lid, most of the spots where completely gone, but some remained.  I wonder if those were spots I missed when dotting with dish soap.


I checked everything thoroughly and put any spotless items into the dryer.  I repeated with dish soap on the remaining dots and separated the bleach-able items into one pile,  non bleach-ables into another pile.

The bleach-ables now went into the washer, with laundry detergent and with bleach in the dispenser cup,  leaving the lid opened so it would soak for a few hours then closed the lid for the cycle to continue.


Wa la,  cleanest load of laundry ever!  Everything looked brand new, even my usually dingy wash cloths I use for removing make up.

Last, I put the non bleach-ables into the washer with detergent and the lid open ya da ya da …soak…ya da ya da…wash…ya da ya da…everything spotless and super clean!

My favorite white skirt, clean as can be!

Hopefully, you will never need these tips but you should pin this post just in case.




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