Watermelon Salad

I see all the cute watermelon sculptured salads using the outer shell in all sorts of carved works of art.  They are cute for sure but no doubt about it, if I tried that, it would be an afternoon wasted with an  unrecognizable, unusable, heap by time i finally gave up.  I will leave that to the artistic people. But anyone can cut out shapes using a cookie cutter, even me!  It takes your fruit to the next level, just not necessarily the top level.


Watermelon is to July as pumpkins are to October.  So buy yourself a big ol’ melon this month.  Choose a small cookie cutter shape,  slice the watermelon the thickness of the cookie cutter or narrower.   It makes it much easier to punch out.  Cut as many shapes as you can out of each slice and put them in a bowl.  Add other fruits to it if you like.   I used a classic mix of blueberries with my stars for the fourth of July.

There you have a crispy, juicy, beautiful side dish, snack or dessert.

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