10 Uses For Wipes

 I was at an event where a game was played by describing someone with one sentence and the others had to guess who they were talking about with that one sentence.   The sentence used for me was , “I assume you have wipes”.

What’s a wipe?  Any moistened disposable cloth.  They come in gentle baby wipe formulas, antibacterial hand wipes, Lysol makes ’em for disinfecting surfaces, some are for glass, others are even flushable.  So what’s the big deal about wipes?  Aren’t they wasteful?  Well, yes but they are so convenient and quick and useful!   Use one completely before you throw it away for optimum use and to ease the guilt.

Wipes come in canisters for the home and small pouches for on the go.  Keep smaller pouches in your cars, purse, desk drawer, and use the larger canisters at home.  Here are my top 10 uses for handy wipes.

1.Disinfect the remote:

At home, use an antibacterial wipe; either a hand wipe or a Lysol wipe, for wiping all the remotes.   To get around each button, wrap a wipe around the end of a cotton swab.  Look at the wipe after each remote is wiped to see which remotes are the dirtiest so you will know, in the future, which ones need to be wiped more often.

2. At the Gas Station:

You realize that handle on the gas nozzle has been touched by loads of people. Do they even clean them?  I’ve never seen them being cleaned, but surely they do occasionally.  Some are pretty nasty looking. I always keep wipes in the door pocket of each car.  I keep both Lysol and antibacterial hand wipes, but you can just keep one or the other.  Wipe your hands after touching the handle, even better, hold the handle with a wipe!  While you are waiting for the gas to pump, wipe your credit card, keys, even the bottom of your purse.  Any drips in the cup holder?  Wipe it!  Check for messes from the kids in the back seat.  Car seats always need wiped.  Wipe until the gas is done pumping and then grab any other trash in the car to throw away when you toss the wipes.

3. Shoes:  

Use your own judgement whether it’s a shoe you want to touch with a wipe.  Now that  you are keeping wipes all around, you can grab one whenever you see a smudge or spill on your shoes.

4. Phone/ Tablet

How many things do you set your phone/tablet on every day?  Tables, shelves, desks, counters.  You use them with dirty hands.  Wipe them, and then dry with a cotton fabric.  (I will admit to wiping it on my tee shirt or pants quickly) but if you have a screen cloth or the kind for your glasses that’s even better.  The wipe leaves a smear unless you dry it with something.  Wiping with only a screen cloth does not disinfect and if you continually wipe a germy phone, tablet or glasses, you will spread germs with your cloth.

5. Restaurant:

Does the table or chair need a wipe before you sit down?   I’ve seen people cough and sneeze, using the menu to cover their mouth/nose so I recommend wiping your hands with a wipe after reading the menu, before you eat.  Also, those salt/pepper shakers are not exactly germ free.  So keep your wipe on the table next to you so you can wipe discreetly after using salt and pepper or other condiments.  Did you shake someones hand that isn’t feeling well?  Wipe!

6. Make Up Remover/ Wash face:

For the face, I recommend you use wipes especially made for faces.  Occasionally, I have used  baby wipes to remove makeup on vacation or when I’m super tired.

7. Other Body Parts:

Use a baby wipe or even an antibacterial hand wipe for when you need to freshen armpits.  On a hot day use a wipe around your hairline and wrists to cool off.  There are flushable wipes you can keep in the bathroom for keeping it fresh ‘down there’.  Enough said.


8. Spills:

Spills on the floor, counters, even your clothes, can be cleaned with a wipe.

9. Dogs:

My dogs sit right under me while I’m cooking and sometimes get dripped on.  I can use a wipe to clean their fur without giving them a whole bath.  sometimes, my dogs get dirty on their walk, so I can wipe their feet/fur if I need to.  It’s a good idea to run a wipe down the length of the leash now and then too.   I have a Yorkie and when her hair is a hot mess,  I can pet her with a wipe until it lays down nicely.

10. Toys:

Toys should be wiped with a Lysol or disinfectant wipe now and then, especially when a sick child has played with them or you have taken them out of the house.  The wipe will both clean and disinfect the toys.  If your kids have a chalkboard that doesn’t get very clean with the eraser, wipe it with a wipe to get it really clean.  Same goes for cleaning a white board.


I also keep a pouch of Windex wipes in my bathroom drawer for easy touch ups and I’m just now thinking I need to keep a Lysol pack in my bathroom for a quick swipe of the toilet.  Why don’t I already do that?!?

There are also so many uses for Lysol wipes when someone in the home has been sick but I’ve already said my 10 uses so I will just quickly add: wipe refrigerator handle, light switches and doorknobs.  OK, now I’m done.







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